Learning how to code is increasingly becoming important as the world increasingly becomes tech-dependent. Programming is also among the topmost sought-after skills in all industries.

Therefore, introducing your kids to coding and integrating it into your kids’ education at an early stage adequately prepares them for the future. However, with the plethora of coding languages, most parents and caregivers find it difficult to choose kid-friendly programming languages.

Therefore, you should consider working with professionals to introduce your kid to code the right way. Coding courses, such as the Coder School, can help point your kid in the right direction. Apart from online resources, kids can learn coding through various games and apps.

Below are great mobile apps that teach your kids to code.


Kodable is a popular coding app for kids that target kids from kindergarten to fifth grade. The kindergarten curriculum covers basic coding concepts, while fourth and fifth-grade lessons focus on specific topics.

The app adheres to various programming standards that teach JavaScript. Note that this is among the best programming language for beginners, thus teaches your kids great basic programming skills.

Progressing through the lessons is exciting. The app has a game-like interface with sets of challenges that kids learn as they navigate. Besides introducing kids to programming basics, such as branching and looping, Kodable is easy to understand. It can be accessed through the web or iPhone apps.

CodeSpark Academy

The app is an award-winning platform that teaches kids of various ages how to code. Like most apps, it features a game-like interface that makes learning for kids fun.

Some might not realize they are learning. Kids learn how to code through Foos, which are lovable characters within the game. Various intersected worlds explore different coding concepts that kids should utilize problem-solving and logical thinking skills to accomplish tasks with Foos.

With a word-free design, this app suits pre-readers. It enables young learners to know how to code even before they can read. The included carefully designed puzzles make it easy for kids to learn without adult supervision. This builds their confidence to solve problems on their own. The app has an open play area, allowing kids to code and share their games with other kid coders.

Beyond the creative play areas and puzzles, the app enables kids to explore various programming basics in a fun way. For instance, they can code stories using photos and voice recordings. The best thing about this app is that it is kid-safe certified, has no ads and in-game purchases.

Daisy the Dinosaur

Kids can use this iPad app to learn to code as well. Daisy the Dinosaur is a simple app that introduces kids to programming basics in a straightforward way that even four-year-old kids can understand.

It introduces kids to programming basics, such as conditionals and loops, without using these terms. This makes coding approachable and fun for learning kids. With a few steps, your kid can animate the main character, Daisy the Dinosaur, to start dancing on the screen.


AlgoRun is an Android and iOS coding app that suits children from ten years and above. The app features puzzle-like challenges that learning kids solve while learning to program intuitively.

This gaming-like app has up to 30 levels that introduce your kids to programming sequentially. The app offers a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand way of learning to code for kids. Like most apps, kids learn loops and conditional concepts without knowing but by simply understanding the logic.


This is another amazing coding platform that kids can learn how to apply real programming languages and tools to create apps, program drones, design websites, games, and more.

To ease learning, the courses in this app are fun and engaging. Kids get a good introduction to professional coding languages, such as Java, JavaScript, and Python, with ease. This helps kids improve in their math, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.


Scratch is a popular and widely used coding app for kids across the world. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones, making it widely accessible. Young kids aged between 5 and 7 can use the ScratchJr app on both mobile platforms, while the regular app suits middle-aged kids and teens.

The app was built based on Scratch programming language, which uses visual bricks. Learning kids should drag-and-drop the blocks to build logical chains; this fosters a basic understanding of most coding principles. The app also features several learning materials, discussion forums, and instructional guides for avid learners.

Bottom Line

Teaching kids how to code is undoubtedly challenging. Fortunately, you can leverage various learning resources, mobile apps, websites, and games to introduce your kid to programming. While there are no obvious best coding apps for kids, the apps mentioned above are among the best.