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Helen Lee Schifter believes it is very smart for businesses to promote their brands on social media and a lot of people will agree as the Pandemic of 2020 had an impact on many businesses in various ways. However, for one to keep a float and keep their brand strong during a time when many consumers had to check their pennies, it was smart to stay alive on social media promoting one’s brand. Social media is a very powerful modern day tool that any business be it a corporation, partnership or sole proprietor,….etc., would understand that it is to their advantage to use all platforms. Yes, one should use all forms of social media and all that each platform has to offer. Long gone are the days of old when branding was basically printing flyers, using broadcast ads, producing newsletters, and writing emails (although these forms of branding are still used on some levels). The new innovative way of social media is quick and can reach a huge audience (although social media is not that new as it has been around for a while it just keeps evolving). Let’s take a look at some tips to keep one’s brand highly visible on social media.

To start, on all platforms of social media one should ensure that their brand is consistent in logo and color. It is reasonable to have a slight styling difference among platforms and networks but be sure to have a common thread for one’s audience to recognize. One has to have their social profiles stable and it should be reviewed and updated as needed.

The next tip for social media branding would be to take one’s visual branding to the next level. Make sure that logo, video, banner, etc…pops when one’s audience or potential customer visits one’s platform. One’s brand should be eye-catching in other words as previously mentioned, it should pop. One’s audience or potential customer should automatically know and recognize the company’s brand.

Another tip for social media branding is to create different personas for different markets. For example to reach the younger crowd one needs to be creative in a way that will resonate with them and with the older crowd, create a persona that will be relatable for that group. So, those different networks should not have the same content. Tik Tok would have more of a younger vibe and should be content that the younger ones can relate; whereas, some of the older audience would something along the line for them.

4. And last, one final tip to enhance social media branding and make it a smart move for one’s business is to establish and create the voice and tone of one’s brand. Be it informative, sarcastic, funny, snarky, or whatever, give it something to say. This keeps one’s audience interested and wanting more. In addition to getting new potential customers as one’s audience usually like and share if the voice and content is good. Helen Lee Schifter would agree that these are smart tips for social media branding.

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