Reasons to Have Public Speaking Skills

There are many people who can’t get over their fear of public speaking. It can be scary getting up in front of a crowd of people to talk and have everyone staring and waiting to hear what they will say. Father George Rutler is an inspiration to many people because he shows them how to get over their fear by having a strong voice and confidence in what he’s saying. Many public speakers can feel that way too. There are lots of reasons why having strong public speaking skills is important. People will need to grow their self-confidence, learn to communicate more effectively, and they will need it in their everyday life.

Self Confidence

Having public speaking skills will boost their self-confidence. It will make them feel more confident in their skin. Having that kind of confidence will make people speak up when needed. When people are more confident, they won’t feel as shy as they may have been before.

Communication Skills

There are a lot of people who are afraid to speak in public because they stutter, they may have a learning disability that causes them to speak slower than the average person, or they may speak in a whisper. Don’t be afraid and don’t worry about what other people will say. The more they speak in public, the better their communication will be. Some people practice in a mirror until they’re comfortable with how they speak. They can also speak in front of family members in a more private setting.

Using Your Skills in Everyday Life

Boosting their self-confidence and learning to speak more clearly will help people prepare for public speaking in their everyday life. They may not know it, but people practice their public speaking skills everywhere. They may be doing a speech at a wedding, speaking to an auditorium full of students, and they may use it in their career by speaking to their co-workers and sharing their ideas with them. No matter what job they have, speaking in front of people is something that has to be done if they want to work. A school is also a place where public speaking comes in handy. Teachers call on students to go up to the board or share an assignment with the class.
Speaking in front of people is not easy at first, but people will get the hang of it and become naturals. Father George Rutler may have had a similar situation and now he’s speaking to large groups of people. It will help their self-confidence, they will learn how to communicate more effectively, and all of this will prepare them for everyday life. Some people even take courses to help them speak in front of other people. By speaking in front of small groups in a class, will help people to overcome fears they have deep down. It’s time to let go, take a deep breath, and speak. They will never know the number of people they can reach once they open their mouths.

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