Should People Continue to Social Distance?

We are living at a time where a deadly pandemic has claimed the lives of so many men, women, and children. Everyone must continue to do their part to stay safe and do everything they can to protect themselves along with the ones they love. Considering how fast COVID-19 hit the world unexpectedly, it’s still within everybody’s power to follow the protocol that will keep them from getting it. Should people continue to social distance? Of course, they should. This is not over yet, and until then, it’s best to be vigilant.

Traveling Leaders and Dignitaries

The leaders of today who are traveling and going to certain countries are taking a huge risk and should also practice social distancing. Yes, it is hard to do when shaking a hand but that can be dealt with by washing them thoroughly. People such as Alexander Djerassi have to try their best to stay six feet apart from other dignitaries because Covid is not a discriminator. If the former president of the United States can get it, anyone can. Also, even being fully vaccinated is not a guarantee that a person won’t get sick from it or spread it. There have been people who have died from both shot combinations and still died from Covid due to their underlying health issues. To say that Djerassi does not have social distance any longer would be a huge mistake.

New Variant Strains

There are new variants of COVID-19 that have hit most of the major countries. It’s important to understand that these different strains are deadlier than the actual virus that showed up. Any failure to maintain the proper distance or wear a mask when necessary can have devastating effects on the body as it spreads can wipe out an entire family. People have shared their gut-wrenching stories about how they were impacted by the virus. They told how they survived it but their parents, children, spouses, and other loved ones didn’t. Some have been in the hospital because of it only to come home and find a loved one who died from this same strain. Understand that there is no guarantee with this virus who is going to live and who is not.

Social Distancing Itself

Maintaining a distance that is a few feet away from the next person helps. Alexander Djerassi agrees that no one is sure who could be carrying the virus in an asymptotic state. It can be scary to know that at any time anyone can catch it regardless of their surroundings. Of course, life goes on and people have the day to day activities and errands that they must perform. Living scared is not a good thing, but taking the right precautions does help in fighting and maintaining the desire to stay virus free.

If people want to protect themselves, then maintaining a safe distance is the best answer. This eases the mind. Everyone has a shared responsibility for taking their own safety in their hands.

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