Job Descriptions for the Digital Era

For those who are out their job hunting, they are well aware of what it looks like, but most people don’t stop for a sec to think about what a job description truly is & what it means for the company. The truth is so many of them do not do the job they should & this has led to a lot of stress over the years. So, what is the best way to reframe these in a way that makes it clear what the job is all about? Well, that’s why Jonathan Osler, an experienced educator, is here to give a better idea of how we can make them more transparent in the future for the betterment of the workforce. So, the first thing he talks about is how paramount it is to make sure that it is clear. This means it needs to have a full comprehensive list of all the tasks & duties for the person to read. It should also come with a start date though it does not have to be an exact date. But it should at least have the month in it so that job searchers have a good idea of when they want the person to begin this role. It should also have contact info, so people know who to contact if they have any further questions about what the job entails or where they are in the hiring process. This will ensure that they have a much better idea of what they will be doing if they are hired for this role. Of course, one of the most important things to remember is the fact that it is now the digital age which means that all of them should be online. This makes it much easier to access for those who are looking for a job & it makes it much easier for them to apply to the role if they feel as if they are a good fit. So, it is important for them to keep up with the times, especially if they hope to attract younger staff members to the company in the long run. Finally, they want to make the jobs easier to find for those who want to apply & this is why they should post them on all the major job sites. This can be any site from glass door to indeed to LinkedIn. Once that is complete, it will make it much easier for them to reach out to potential employees & find the person who is the best fit for the job. So, once they are done updating the descriptions, it’ll make a world of difference for them as they seek to find the person who will do the best job in the role they are looking to hire for. Once they heed the advice of Jonathan Osler, they will see the results in no time as the applications begin pouring in over the next few months. It is sure to be the best method possible.

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