testing your customer value proposition

Your brand’s customer value proposition is one of the most important ways for you to set your business apart from competitors. It lets people know about the most compelling reasons why they should become and stay your customer. In just a few words, you can highlight the benefits and features that set you above, essentially letting potential buyers know what makes you special.

Coming up with an effective value proposition for your brand might sound easy, but it’s important that your CVP is engaging, clear-cut, and to the point. The best CVPs focus on what the customer needs or wants, rather than what you have to offer. Consumer value propositions are not catchphrases or incentives, but a definitive and simple way to convey how your business will help customers achieve their goals.

Testing Your Brand’s CVP

Now that you’ve come up with the best possible customer value proposition for your company, you’re ready to test it. Even though it might seem perfect to you, the final hurdle is finding out if it’s a hit with your customers. There are many ways to assess your CVP, including online ads, pitches, solution reviews, and your landing page. Let’s go in depth on 3 ways to test your CVP.

Online Ads

One of the best ways to test the value of your CVP is through online advertisements. Platforms such as Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook, all offer targeted ads to their users. You pay for each click you receive, so it’s cost-efficient. Each of these platforms work differently, so you can decide which one works best for reaching your targeted audience.

Facebook and Instagram ads will require you to have a dedicated Facebook page for your business. Your ads will run on Facebook and Instagram and show up as your targeted customers are scrolling. Google Ads show up as your customer is using their search engine, using keywords that funnel your customer to click on your ad. You can test your CVP by looking at the analytics of your ad campaign.

Landing Page

In short, a landing page is a dedicated page that customers will come to when they click on an advertisement on a search engine or social media or through organic online searches. Different from a homepage, the landing page should include what makes you unique and appealing, as well as encourage your potential customers to take action. Talk about how you will benefit your customers.

When creating a landing page, consider what your brand has to offer and who you want to serve. Think about what will motivate your potential customers to choose you rather than your competitors. What makes you different? How can you serve your customers better than the others? You must resonate with what your buyer wants and needs.


Perhaps the most traditional way of testing your CVP is the advertisement pitch. This method tests your CVP by presenting it directly to your potential customers. The advantages include being able to see and listen to your targeted audience as they react to your CVP, as well as immediately gathering any feedback, questions, and concerns that your customers might have.