NIE Spain: Understanding the Basics of Receiving It

The necessity to obtain NIE Spain can occur rather spontaneously. So, what should you do in order to be able to receive it? There are several options to select from. This article will help you to get the key ideas about the process.

Option 1: You Can Get NIE in Your Home Country

You will have to visit the Spanish consulate to be able to do this. It means that you will have to collect all essential documents and schedule the appointment there. It is not hard but it requires your direct participation and spending some time too.

Option 2: Receive NIE Right in Spain 

If you would like to get a NIE number in Spain, you will have to refer to the Directorate-General offices of the Police.

It is vital to check the location of those offices and pick the one that is the closest to you. Some offices require people to register before they are able to pay a visit. This aspect has to be clarified in advance (this is how it works in Barcelona for instance).

It is okay if you are not ready to receive NIE directly. The representative can do this for you without any hardships but this process has to be supported by the necessary documents.

What Stuff Should You Get Ready When Arranging the Process of Receiving NIE on Your Own?

Well, there is a list of several documents to deal with. But do not panic as long as there is not too much anyway. Well, you will need to present your passport (it is vital to get copies of all pages ready), and two recent passport pictures. What is more, the applicants have to suggest a document that will state and prove what motivates them to receive NIE Spain. 

And, you need to introduce your future address in Spain and health insurance in case you intend to live in Spain. Non-European citizens also have to provide proof of legal entry to Spain.

Apart from this, be ready to do the following:

  1. Fill in the form that is named “EX-15”. All data is given in Spanish.
  2. Fill out the payment form “790”.
  3. Pay the NIE application fee which is less than 15 EUR.

Option 3: Stick to the Online Assistance of One of the Intermediaries

Well, this is the easiest option for those who would like to receive their NIE Spain number absolutely without having to make too much effort. All you will have to do is enclose your passport (this is how it works in most cases but there certainly may be some other aspects to consider), pay a fee, and complete a few other steps. And, there is waiting ahead! NIE is issued rather quickly in this case, and you will not have to spend too much time.

So, it is completely up to you what option to stick to. Each of them is associated with certain advantages and disadvantages. But the last one mentioned here will certainly be the easiest one. Note that it may be rather expensive though.

How to Choose the Right Provider of the Service?

This is a great task to solve. As long as the majority of clients want to see the nice quality and fine prices, this may be tricky. 

Well, what you need to start with is to collect some data about the intermediary. The more positive reviews you see, the better it actually is. Besides, the official site of the service provider should contain the Contacts section and a fulfilling description of the process of receiving NIE Spain. If you see all of this, it may mean that you are facing a nice intermediary.

Describing the Process of Receiving NIE with the Help of the Service Provider

Apart from suggesting a copy of your passport, you will need to pay a processing fee. This figure can differ depending on who you will be working with.

Then, it is time to fill in the application form. It is not too long so the procedure will not take too much time. The next step is e-signing power of attorney (online). Then, you will just wait till your NIE is ready.

Naturally, various intermediaries offer a different process to come across. But in most cases, you will face something like a sequence of actions that were given above.

All in all, it is not too hard to receive a NIE Spanish number today. There are a few ways to do this, and it is only you who should decide which one to stick to. Try to consider all pros and cons that work in your case, and you will certainly be able to draw a smart conclusion that will help you to receive NIE fast and painlessly.