How to Take Product Photos That Help Sell the Product

Product photography is an integral part of the fabric-making process, and for a good reason. Product photos help potential customers decide whether or not they want to buy your item. When they are choosing between products of different types, the product photos can be very helpful in helping them make a decision. People tend to buy more of a product when they like it, so you can sell many items if you take decent photos and promote them well. Here are tips on how to take great product photos.

Natural Light

Natural light comes from objects like the sun, the preferred choice for most product photographers. Natural light helps to give you shadows, which can help make your fabric product photos look better in most cases. If you want to take photos indoors, you can use a particular bulb that gives off natural light or use an open window. This will help to give your pictures a great look. The important thing is to ensure no shadows on your product because fabric products are translucent and require good lighting.


You need to choose a background that will look good with your product. Product photography is not just about the product; you must also consider the photo’s background. Most product photographers buy plain colored backgrounds and then use them for their photos. You can do this, or you can make your background from contact paper or fabric if you want something unique for your items. A plain background can look nice for some things, but for product photography, you will want to find one that is a bit more interesting.

Take Your Photo’s Temperature

If you use a camera that shoots in color, make sure you take the temperature of your photos. This will help them to look as good as possible, and it can be beneficial for helping to make your product photos look better. A number describes the color temperature of a material, and several numbers can be used. You can take your photo using different colors, which gives you a good idea of which colors will look best with your product photos.

Edit Your Photos

After you take the photos, you need to edit them. Using your computer, take the photos and then remove any objects that seem to be in them. Then, you need to edit the photos to ensure they have a good look and are appealing. You can use software programs like Photoshop or Gimp on your computer to help with this process. You need to ensure that the photos are bright because most people will see them on screens so they will be looking at them in light. Ensure you have enough lights on when taking the photos so they are as lovely as possible.

Look at the Products of Your Competitors

If you compare your product’s photos with those similar, you can see where you could improve your pictures. This will be helpful for you and will help you to create better photos. Look at different types of products and how they were marketed or pictured. You can use these as a reference when you are trying to take your product photos; they will help make yours look better. You have to make your photos look better and more appealing than your competitors.

Taking your product photos is not nearly as difficult as people think. With the right ideas, you can take great photos and design them to showcase your product well. And with creativity, you can make your product photos look even better. With all of these tips in mind, you should be able to take some great shots with your fabric creations and see them as a way of promoting your business and products.