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As simple as it may seem, journaling is a very interesting, productive hobby that can be used daily in order to relieve tension, provide a creative outlet, and push people to think about their everyday lives. The process of journaling as a hobby is something promoted by people such as Father George Rutler, who use it often to keep track of events and express themselves.

Feelings Journals

A common use of journaling is to get down the events of the day, allowing someone’s future self to look back on the days and understand the series of events in them. When writing down the events of the day, it is nice to write down how each made someone feel, as well as how it impacted them in the moment. It not only serves as a historical account, but a way to express things that may not have been expressed otherwise, working through feelings and becoming more secure with the day.

Art Journals

A more creative way to journal daily is by making an art journal. For those who feel more drawn to art and like to express themselves in that way, it is nice to have a reason to partake in an artistic source of expression. In these journals, it is also possible to write down events or feelings from the day but can focus more on an artistic practice and exploration, like a sketchbook with events inside.

Some art journals can work as scrapbooks as well. Things such as movie ticket stubs, assignments, flowers found, and more can be used as parts of each page, offering a better look into what took place that day and serving as a place to hold mementos.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling is a bit of a mix between both of the former journaling styles, as it is something that allows people to structurally plan out days, write emotions, and give an account of the day once it ends, all while adding a creative flair. For example, a built journal may have a mood tracker or a to-do list, where someone will fill in a color representing their mood of the day or a shape to fill in every time a task is completed. Bullet journals provide a more hands-on hobby through the day, rather than just a sign off at night. Father George Rutler prefers this type of journaling.

Journaling is Good for the Soul

The most important thing about journaling is allowing oneself a sense of expression and creativity at the end of the day. All three types of journaling as a hobby, feelings journals, art journals, and bullet journals, provide this, as they provide a push to analyze and express one’s feelings about each day and the events that occur during them.

There are many other types of journaling as a hobby, but these three provide a good start for anyone hoping to pick up the hobby. Feeling each out and finding out which is best for everyone is just a start, as it is surely a hobby that everyone can enjoy.

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