Growing your Instagram followers organically isn’t easy.

Brands must show “promising value,” which, in many cases, is a high follower account with good engagement to establish social proof. Without social proof, it’s tough to convert customers through Instagram. There are many “spammy” ways to accomplish this, but they are unsafe and unsustainable.

Although I have tested many similar products, Instacruise is my favorite among all. It’s an ideal tool for any Instagram business page due to its unique value proposition. You’ll see AI and human intelligence blend to drive growth.

If you want to grow your brand presence on Instagram, dive into this review of Instacruise to know whether it’s best for you.

It’s Safe

In case if you think that Instacruise is a scam, it’s NOT! They offer guaranteed refunds if it doesn’t provide expected results.

I didn’t find it having any issues with Instagram’s recent updates since they keep working on Instagram’s latest APIs and infrastructure testing. Thousands of active users trust in Instacruise more than any other Instagram growth tool.

Excellent Substitute for Instagram Ads

If you’ve ever dealt with Instagram Ads, you know that the results are abysmal. The campaigns are quite challenging to manage, expensive, and inefficient when it comes to growing your followers.

With Instagram Ads, it’s all about the more you spend, the better results you get. Designing creatives, building audiences, and copywriting are all the parts of strategies that you need to master when using Instagram Ads. Otherwise, your chances of success are meager. 

On the other hand, Instacruise takes care of all of your Instagram promotion hassles so that you can focus on producing quality content. 

They provide you with an advanced analytics system to let you make the best out of their platform.

Progressive AI Technology

Recently, the word ‘AI’ is often overused, so it’s hard to believe what’s radical in these services. But Instacruise’s AI is something out of this world, and it keeps getting better with the latest updates.

It analyzes your current account progress and develops the strategy accordingly to grow likes, followers, and clicks. With this feature, you no longer need to worry about setting up the best goal for your account as Instacruise’s AI will look into it.

Active Customer Support

With its 24/7 live chat option, you can reach out to them at any time with your questions and problems. Their customer support representatives are amiable and capable of solving your issues within 5 minutes on average.

Affordable Plans

Instacruise offers three different plans for Instagram brand owners and influencers:

  1. Basic: $14/week
  2. Standard: $49/week
  3. Premium: $99/week

Even though the plans might look pricey for beginners, thousands of dollars in potential sales are waiting for you on the other end if you buy one of their plans. 

There is no need to hire any EXTERNAL INSTAGRAM MARKETER!

Leading-Edge Premium Packages

Since most of us are hesitant to use the premium services of such tools, let me tell you that Instacruise’s Pro Plans are worth using if you need great value out of it for your business. They will help you create content and marketing strategies for your account — and can even help you get verified. If you think your business needs a strong presence on Instagram, I recommend going for a pro plan of Instacruise.

Final Verdict

Since I’ve seen great results using Instacruise for my Instagram account, I highly suggest that every influencer or business try it for a few months. It can substantially grow your followers and engagements. Don’t forget to share your valuable experiences about how you were able to increase Instagram engagements. I would love to hear every one of them!