When it comes down to sports betting, you want to have the upper hand over other bettors and of course, over the sportsbook. To obtain this advantage, you can research betting trends and stare at the odds until you are blue in the face, hoping for something to jump out at you. If this does not sound appealing, you could also get an extra advantage by using handicapping tools like those offered by a sports picks site or service.

These are businesses that are staffed with handicapping professionals who use their talents and industry know-how to come up with great picks for their clients. Each pick is complete with analysis and info about why they have chosen to bet on a particular NBA player, NFL matchup, NHL puck line or MLB team.

What is a Professional Sports Betting Handicapper?

Before we dive into what sports picks sites are, we should probably first explain what a handicapper is. A handicapper refers to a specialist who researches the odds and betting lines to provide detailed insight into why they are wagering on one team vs the other. Handicappers look at odds to see why oddsmakers come up with these lines. A sports savvy specialist will explore betting trends to determine which side of the bet they are taking. 

What is a Sports Picks Website?

Sports picks services are businesses that offer educated predictions on many different games and events. Expert sports picks can help bettors of all levels that are looking for more information about why they should bet on a specific game. 

These handicapping services provide several of these picks over an established period of time for a set price. Expert picks sites typically provide a type of guarantee that will vary from company to company. 

Which Sports Picks Site is Best?

Finding the best sports picks site takes time. First, look for those that have strong track records and have been around for at least five years. Check to see how good their success rate is and how many units ahead are bettors at the end of the season? Do they have different people focusing on different sports? Who are their handicapping specialists? 

It is also important to consider what sort of volume they offer. This refers to how many games per week are handicapped and how discerning they are. You will want to make sure that you do not pick a service that handicaps every game. The reason why is simply because not every game is a good bet. You want a specialist who will offer you premium picks that include a betting strategy which will allow you to get the biggest bang for your buck. Handicapping specialists are able to justify the price they charge you with the potential that they have to offer. 

There are a ton of great handicapping services and some very bad ones. If you are in the market, there are a few things you should be wary of:

  • A service claiming a success rate of 75% or higher
  • Offers you bogus free picks for which you are ultimately charged
  • One that will not identify their handicappers
  • Does not offer a decent guarantee
  • Is not able to offer you proof supporting their claims
  • Does not provide you with the number of units to bet on a game
  • Calls for you to bet extremely large amount only on one or two games
  • Has just started out and is super inexpensive

In Closing  

Sports picks sites prove to be an extremely beneficial tool for those looking to place smart wagers. If you are in the market and are looking for the best sports picks site, follow our tips above and you will find what you are looking for!