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How to Think and Plan Strategically

A well-planned strategy to market a business can be the difference between a company succeeding or failing. Jonathan Osler has found that to be a successful business; a company must first; figure out its own needs, then; conduct research. The research for marketing should continually be evolving. Osler discussed not becoming too comfortable in old business strategies. He believes in the importance of keeping a business strategy in line with the current times.

For identifying a company’s needs, begin by creating clear objectives for the organization. After the company establishes objectives, communicate them to the entire organization. Then teams can align goals to the organization’s objectives. Objectives can always change as the company grows.

A company needs to analyze internal workflows and internal data. The workflows will help a company understand any hand-off problems. The company can also examine any processes that need improvement. The company should share all data and results with the organization.

Research, according to Osler, will give a company the necessary data to help develop a good marketing strategy. Areas listed to research include, but are not limited to:

  • Current trend in client data
  • Competitors
  • Emerging technology
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Search engine marketing
  • Referral marketing

Business professionals can examine all of these research areas to help them create a good marketing strategy for their organization.

Osler found websites to be a valuable tool if used correctly. A website can help a new client understand the services the company offers. It can also allow the client to communicate with the company, and sign up for services.

Social media needs special attention, this is a medium where many clients will discuss the company’s services with each other. This is also a good place for clients and companies to communicate, and it’s a good opportunity for the company to answer any questions.

Search engine marketing, like Google Ads, can help improve communication with a select type of client; making sure the message the company wants to give goes to the people who need it most. Some other ads to consider for growth and diversity are:

  • Microsoft Ads – partners with others, such as LinkedIn
  • Quora Ads – has question and answer content
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud – audience sharing and unifying data abilities
  • LinkedIn Ads – has more targeted capabilities

In researching search engine marketing, business professionals will find answers to their organization’s marketing needs.
Jonathan Osler found businesses may ignore referral marketing, he said it is important to remember that word of mouth is still very important. Referrals from satisfied clients can prove very valuable. Taking the time to ask the client for a referral, or several referrals could make a big difference to the company.

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