What is a Nonprofit Organization?

Nonprofit organizations are formed to attain objectives and goals either collectively or publicly without generating any profits to the owners. Many organizations have been created around the country aimed at helping various purposes. There are different types of nonprofit organizations, including those linked to charities, education, and justice. Other bits of help are needed for the organization to run and perform their duties actively. There are many roles to play as individuals to help nonprofit organizations, and people like Helen Schifter can make a difference through her contribution.

Who is Helen Schifter?

She is well-known for working in various sectors in the industry. She worked previously as an arbitrage trader on Wall Street before acknowledging her other journalism ventures. Through her fondness as a fashion enthusiast, she has worked for top companies like Conde Nast. It is through such growth in the industry that she has pulled her A-game building her reputable brand. Through such attributes, she plays a pivotal role in helping nonprofit organizations grow and impact the communities through the following ways.


She is knowledgeable in writing and enlightening her audience on different topics that pass helpful information to society. She has touched on issues like health and wellness. In such understanding, her persuasiveness in creating ideas that capture the audience to have generous hearts towards the organizations. Through the awareness, readers can also get to know which non-organization to channel whatever support they have.

Social Media Endorsements

Helen Schifter has created her enormous fan base through her different social media platforms. With her influence, she seized the opportunity to update her fans on various nonprofit organizations. The networking of social media should not be underestimated as such information spreads quickly like fire. In addition to updating her fans, she can advocate the need for giving and supporting various groups in the country.

Social Media Campaigns

Many successful campaigns have been driven through social media platforms to attain various goals. Through her influence and massive following, she can gladly show her support by driving social media campaigns. Through such support, she can ask her fans to contribute towards the fan drive campaigns funds to support the nonprofit organizations.

Charitable Events

Going out of the way, individuals like her can make a fundamental difference. The events aimed at equipping and supporting charitable events. She can amass support from her influential friends and also tag along with other individuals. It is through support events that a lot of funds can be driven towards the groups.

Personal Donations

With her great status in the industry, she can also make a difference by making personal donations to the organizations. The private drives can come through in different ways, including monetary as well her contribution through appearances. She can help individuals by encouraging them to be strong.

With the pandemic, we can play our part by helping the nonprofit organizations around us to put up with the hard times smoothly. She is a graduate of various educational institutions.

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