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People blog for diverse reasons. Some start because they want to make money; others like to put down their thoughts and experience for readers to enjoy. Some readers may even identify with the subject at hand.

Around 1994, was established by Justin Hall, a student. When he started his blog, it was for him to display his work. Then in 1997, there was an influx of bloggers all over the internet, following in his footsteps. At first, it was called online diaries; then, it changed to weblog.

Blogging may be difficult for the first-timer. This is because so many questions would be playing in mind, like, “am I good enough or what should I write about?”. One thing to remember is that everyone who blogs may have had those same thoughts at one time. But, they were confident enough to give it a try.

One should have the ambition like Alexander Djerassi (entrepreneur, foreign policy expert), who had the passion for pushing for what he wanted. His famous words are “you say jump, and I say how high.

Blogging allows one to reach the world’s population via the internet and forces one to enhance their knowledge. It also helps tremendously if you have a business; it’s a way to reach new customers and make lifelong friends. Topics that are discussed make one sound like an expert. If you are in the market for a job, employers may admire your writing style and hire you on the spot. says blogging is the new business card. They may have something there.

One can shine above other bloggers by bringing something new at all times. Something creative and wonderful, especially experiences, whether good, bad, or indifferent. With information like that, many people can identify.

On the other hand, some want to have fun blogging. They love informing people what they are doing as they go through their everyday lives. Even if they don’t earn one cent from it, others share their vacation plans, making the reader feel like they are present.

Keep in mind starting a blog can be lucrative, creative, and a great confidence builder. This is because there are so many things to consider. Things like being your own boss, working from home, and making money. That is called passive income(which allows you to make money without a regular job). All you have to do is create, write, publish and share. Look up and follow the instructions. You will have a beautiful blog. Webdor says you will have a professional blog up and running; then, you can update from wherever you are.

Many people who start blogs have to be passionate about it to see it through. So stop the negative thought. Just remember the encouraging words from Alexander Djerassi and go for it. There is still plenty of room and topics out there for you to give your opinion on. Give it a try. You may surprise yourself! So, yes, start your own blog!

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