The COVID-19 pandemic is something that everyone has had to deal with and face within the last year or so. Because of this, there is a new sense of anxiety and fear about the spread of the virus, who can get sick, and how to keep everyone safe. Though it may seem scary, there are many ways one can stay safe in this time and work to stop the spread Following guidelines like people such as Diego Ruiz Duran do is the best way to stop COVID-19 and protect everyone.

Wear a Mask

The simplest way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to wear a mask whenever one is in public. Masks work as a barrier, preventing viruses spread by water droplets from things like coughing and sneezing for traveling into the air and potentially infecting others. Wearing a mask is not as hard as it may seem, as it is very easy to breathe through them, as well as there are so many style options, allowing one to make the mask a part of their outfit.

Recently, it has been recommended to wear two masks in public, meaning wearing a medical mask underneath a cotton mask. Doing this provides a filtered, thicker barrier that will prevent the spread of COVID-19 even more. Wearing a mask while at work, in stores and on public transportation, or just walking on the streets is the most important part to managing the pandemic.

Washing Hands Regularly

Viruses, such as COVID-19, spread through germs. When going out in public, there is a possibility of anyone picking up germs on their hands, as it is necessary to touch a lot of things. While using hand sanitizer is good at the moment, it is important to wash one’s hands with soap and warm water whenever possible and for as long as possible, as it has the potential to remove more germs.

Washing hands is important to do whenever coming back home as well, since hands have the potential to spread germs into someone’s eyes, nose and mouth as soon as a mask is taken off, as well as spreading them to other surfaces in the home. Washing hands with soap and warm water as soon as one comes home is important to keep COVID-19 out of the house, stopping the spread in the long run.

Practice Social Distancing

When outside or in an area with many people, it is important to practice social distancing and stay six feet away from people, especially if they are strangers and their health is unknown. In order to spread the virus, water droplets will travel within the air within six feet of the source. Even when masked, it is necessary to stay six feet away from everyone out in public or in crowded areas, as there is a much smaller chance of the germs and virus spreading past these six feet. Spacing out and remaining socially distanced from everyone will prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe.

The Spread of COVID-19 can be Prevented

With the simple following of wearing a mask, washing one’s hands, and staying socially distanced, the spread of COVID-19 can be very easily stopped. People such as Diego Ruiz Duran follow these rules and have contributed to the safety of others, making it obvious that it is possible for everyone to do.

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