It is important for young people to figure out what they want to do in life and develop a career path. Shalom Lamm feels that having a career path is essential. Lamm also feels with all of the new technology, a person will be able to find their career path and will have all of the assistance that they need.

Take an Assessment

Many computer programs will allow a person to take a career assessment. They will answer questions about what they like and what they do not like. Their interests will help them find a career they will enjoy. The test should be reliable and valid. It should also help a person narrow down their career fields. They should be given several options to explore within a career cluster so they can find an interesting career.

Career Options

When looking for a career it is important to look for a career that is in high demand. A person should not have to spend all their time and money on training for a career and then have trouble finding a job. They can check the career outlook sites and see what fields are looking for positions and are looking to grow. There are some fields that there is going to be growth. If a person has an interest in technology this is one of the fastest growing fields and many of the graduates are able to find employment after completing their schooling.


Shalom Lamm knows that when looking for a career, it is important to talk to people in that field. A person can find out what the people like about their jobs and what they do not like. They can find out inside information and what the work environment is really like. This is always a good way to make contacts in the field. A person can make professional contacts and when they are looking for a job they can find out about the opportunity for these contacts. Sometimes it is more about the people that are known rather than the skills that are known. Around 85 percent of job vacancies are filled by networking so it is important to get out there and speak to people in that field.

Use the Skills

Young professionals can change the world and they do not give themselves enough credit. While a person may not get a management position right out of school they can gain experience and use this experience to become a leader in their field. They can share ideas and help others with their work in a team environment. This will allow young professionals to show off what they know and they will be able to do great things.

These are some ways that a person can find their career path. If they follow their interests and what they are good at they can find a rewarding career and should not have trouble finding a job in a high demand occupation.

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