Digital marketing is often times viewed solely through a technological prism and lens. Some companies and businesses do indeed take it seriously – but they do so for commercial purposes. Of course, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that; and no reason that such efforts ought to be viewed in a negative light. But the tales of how digital marketing can be used for the purpose of advancing public interest issues to the forefront is one that isn’t told.

Health expert Helen Schifter has written about the need for digital marketing tools to be employed for the purpose of influencing public opinion concerning the importance of staying in good health. Unfortunately, as Schifter has pointed out, there has been an extended period of time which has lapsed during which the subjects of health and wellness have been neglected.

But this is a challenge that can still be turned around. And there is certainly substantial amounts of evidence that points to that fact. But what are the true and most promising ways that this can be done? The answer lies with utilizing technology in a way that can effectively promote a campaign that instills an understanding of the risks associated with continuing to neglect one’s health and wellness. Once people reach this understanding and are able to better conceptualize the dire straits they’ll be in if they continue leaving this important issue on the back-burner, they will begin making changes.

The intriguing aspect of digital marketing are the ways in which it can be used for such a prospective initiative. Helen Schifter has said that one of the unique facets to digital marketing is the ability to gauge the effectiveness of the receptiveness of the messaging on the part of the audience that is being targeted. Indeed, Schifter is absolutely correct.

Through the implementation of Google analytics and other similar tools and devices, tremendous amounts of useful information can be gleaned about the audience that is being targeted. Importantly, this information can then be used to ensure that the messaging campaign employed is crafted as strategically as possible, so as to ensure maximized opportunity when it comes to the impact it makes.

Helen and others have indeed been spending the better part of the last few years yelling from the rooftops about the need for more people to take their health and wellness more seriously. This in no way has been limited to convincing people to take only their physical health more seriously. Instead, it also has encompassed people’s mental and emotional health.

The two are of course intrinsically tied to one another. And it is paramount that the public be made aware of it . Through a proper initiative that is coordinated in a strategic manner, the tide of public opinion on these important matters can change dramatically. Although it certainly won’t happen overnight, it is an objective that is surely attainable. And therefore, it is absolutely worthwhile exploring and pursuing. After all, people’s lives are literally at stake. We owe it to the general population to do something about this issue.

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