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Have You Chosen the Right Career?

A person is eager to grow in their current career. A person does not sweat the off days, is energetic, and loves what they do. A person has a great team, genuinely enjoys their work, and is willing to grow and become better. Father George Rutler wishes everyone could choose the career that benefits them the most. A person does not look at options every day; a person walks into work with an attitude of excitement about what they are about to achieve. A person has no concerns or fears and feels like a person is living the American dream.

A person is fortunate; their dream life does not lie in their hands; no one else can make this decision for a person. A person is in control of their future; a person creates it. A person decides when and where a person is going to be happy. A person creates their destiny.

A person is living proof that a life of success is not just about reaching a specific goal. A person is not doing something out of “the norm.” A person is taking charge of their future, and a person chooses the right career. A person is an example to many who are unsure about their future and their career choice.

A person has been putting effort into this job search. A person has filled out applications, talked to recruiters, searched for jobs. A person has tried everything.

A person is not just sitting around waiting for a job to appear. A person is taking active steps to get that job. A person has all the qualifications. A person knows how to sell themselves, and a person has an idea of getting others to see those qualifications.

A person is not sure if a person has chosen the right career yet. A person knows that a person wants to be in the field that a person has chosen. A person knows that a person can make money in this field and has the training needed. A person may even have the perfect skills employers are looking for. A person has done all a person can do but still is not convinced that a person made the right decision.

A person has already got their dream job in their hands! A person may even have done everything a person can do to be successful in their current career. A person could have spent years in the field and made great money. A person could be delighted with this career, knowing that it would be better than another.

A person needed to choose a career, go through all the necessary training, and work hard until they made it into that career. A person cannot let anyone tell a person that choosing the right career is easy! A person worked for it, and now it is theirs!

A person needs to choose a career that a person will love, that a person will enjoy every moment of and that a person will apply themselves to. It would be best if a person took the time to learn all a person can about their chosen career. A person cannot just go in with the attitude that it will be easy. A person needs to know that a person will be successful!

A person does not have to wait for the money to be their motivator. A person is unique, and many other factors come into play when a person chooses their career. A person has the choice to continue in the job that a person hates. A person can learn new skills that a person will enjoy and that will increase their income. They have the opportunity to choose a career that they will be passionate about. Father George Rutler believes he has chosen the right career.

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