5 Ideas To Boost Your Office Productivity at Work

Productivity is a top concern for businesses today. As long as your employees are on the clock, you as an employer want to ensure that their dedicated hours are worthwhile and beneficial to your business. But as we have all seen in recent years, chasing productivity in the wrong ways can actually be detrimental: this includes things such as constantly checking up on projects and micromanaging, giving employees unrealistic workloads, or demanding a certain type of working style.

What is more important than chasing productivity as an end in itself, the best way to boost productivity long term is to create an environment which supports your employees to be at their best. After all, in an environment where they do not feel supported and respected, how can they be expected to be at their most productive or produce their best work?

However we know this is easier said than done. Obviously every business, every office, and every employee is different, so using a one size fits all method will not work. However that does not mean there aren’t some solid methods you can try to create the right environment for your employees to thrive. Below, we’ve made you a handy list of useful methods which could help you create the productive office of your business dreams!

  1. Put up a group year planner

While individual teams often have their own calendars to keep track of their projects, sometimes the wider team can end up feeling disconnected and everybody can have a hard time co-ordinating to ensure everything runs smoothly. This can be helped by adding a year long calendar which is accessible to all employees, including those not directly involved in projects – if everyone from the receptionist to the manager knows exactly what is going on with the rest of the office, it makes it a lot easier for teams to cross-coordinate and help each other achieve to the best of their abilities.

  1. Plan some exciting group activities

No man is an island, and working all the time can get exhausting. So why not combine the objectives of getting your team to bond with each other with getting them to take a break from their work and have some fun? A great way to do this is to plan an active day out, for example all going to enjoy an inline skates session at a local rec centre or visiting a local landmark. Reinforcing team bonds and encouraging taking a mental break is a great way to boost productivity in the long run.

  1. Have an idea pool

We’ve all been in that situation where we have an amazing idea at 3am that we don’t know what to do with – and we’ve all been in the situation where we would give almost anything to be able to come up with an effective idea. So why not create an idea pool where people can put their suggestions for projects, improvements, or new initiatives? No idea stealing here – everyone puts their name to their ideas! But it offers a great opportunity for creative employees to stretch their muscles, and could even help things that need to change progress more quickly.

  1. Encourage flexible hours

Although having a strict 9-5 workforce might sound like the most productive thing to do, because everybody is working at the same times everyday – it can actually be counterproductive. Though 9-5 works for many, everyone’s life is different; whether it’s because they have kids, because they live further away, or simply because they have a different sleep schedule, allowing people to work flexible hours can actually boost productivity because it allows people more control over their lives. Similar benefits can be reaped from allowing flexibility with working from home schedules.

  1. Focus on mental wellbeing

Allowing your employees to be honest when they are overwhelmed, focusing on providing comprehensive training and realistic workloads, and making sure the team is getting on well, can be the most important way to ensure productivity. A mentally healthy team is a productive team!

Boosting productivity is not always easy – but hopefully a few of these tips will help you to get the ball rolling!