The Google Ad Grants is a unique program that Google avails to various non-profit organizations. The program allows the organizations to use free Google Ads for advertising for up to a maximum of & 10,000 each month. 

The program uses various keywords to display text on different search results on Google. It is a rare chance for the non-profit organization to enhance global reach and offer their charitable services to a large number of people.

However, Google uses specific criteria in the selection of non-profit organizations. The selected groups should also adhere to specific rules and regulations to enjoy the free $10,000. The best way to ensure you are in line with the Google requirements is to adopt Google grant management

The maximum monthly budget offered is $ 10,000

The amount Google offers is limited to an amount of $ 10,000 per month. You, as the organization should wisely spend the money for optimum results. Google also requires a specific daily expenditure of $ 329.

You can only advertise through texts

There are various forms of advertising in the market, such as the use of video or images to reach out to the audience. However, Google does not allow that form of advertising and only recommends the use of texts.

Also, you should incorporate the use of keywords in the text-based form of advertising. The keywords you select should not have single-word phrases, generic words, or even low-quality scores keywords. The keywords should focus on the charitable services you are offering and should not be promotional.

You should frequently update your account

You need to update your account to avoid Google suspending it. If you use the program for more than one month, it is essential to update it monthly. You can update the account by constantly posting new and quality content that primarily revolves around your charitable activities. Also, you can update your recent and upcoming events in the community.

Target a specific location

In the offering of your charitable services, you should not aim to reach global regions. Google finds it reasonable and more resourceful to target a certain geographical region. The most preferred target region should be your area of residence or operation.

Ensure your website adheres to specific regulations

The first step in qualifying for the Google Ads Grant is to ensure that you have an active website. Since you are a non-profit organization, your site should not promote commercial products and services. You should not have any content or products that have the monetary benefit to your organization. 

Also, your website should contain high quality content. Google determines the level of quality in terms of the arrangement of data, navigation of the site and the general display of your page. The site needs to contain informative data to the visitors of the page.

Bottom Line

The program is helpful to most non-profit organizations, but there is a need to adhere to strict Google policies. It is essential to ensure there is proper management of your page to meet all the requirements.

By Helper