Text message marketing: maybe sound a little old-fashioned? It wasn’t long ago that people were expecting the imminent death of SMS, when creative web messengers filled with GIFs, emojis, and other fun apps took over and began leaving the humble text message far behind.

But they were wrong! SMS’s reach, versatility, and cost-effectiveness have long significantly been underestimated, especially in its marketing potential, where extraordinary open rates (98%) and engagement (29%) have turned it into an essential promotional channel for any successful eCommerce business.

Among other workflows, an automated workflow for cart recovery is king and is a must-have one for each merchant. Online retailers are seeking ways to reduce the revenue loss triggered by shopping cart dropouts. There are numerous essential to understand a cart’s conversion rate into actual sales, ranging from site navigation improvements to email retargeting campaigns. However, we are still dealing with 68 percent of shoppers who don’t go through it.

Benefits of abandoned cart text messaging service:

SMS Retargeting lets you connect:

Abandoned cart text messaging service has several advantages; the most essential is that it helps to create an instant relationship with the customer.

Online shopping is a solitary activity compared to in-store shopping where a salesperson can interact with a shopper, answer questions and concerns and give reasons for buying the product. There is no question that e-commerce provides tremendous comfort and serves a broader audience.

But the shopper is alone, sometimes timid or angry with the shipping costs and the registration requirement. Short of reading his mind, you face cart abandonment due to the lack of available resources to convince him in real-time.

You boost your odds of entering immediate communication by delivering an SMS to your prospective client. Though emails are left unopened over half the time, text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving.

It makes things flexible:

For many reasons shopping cart abandonment happens, and many of them can address the options offered by an SMS retargeting campaign. You can assess the likelihood of converting the basket into a sale with different content available for your post.

The most straightforward text message is a friendly reminder that the cart is still pending. A high-value abandoned cart will warrant providing a promotional code that the prospect can join immediately. Shoppers who are continually surfing to find deals and coupons are well receiving promotion-oriented SMS. Abandoned cart Text Messaging takes the conversion of abandoned shopping carts into a new connection level.

Through reaching directly to consumers who seek support and offering them the chance to be contacted back through consumer care representatives, internet merchants have a genuinely innovative ability to address queries in real-time and offer their consumers a genuine view of service.

Thanks to their versatility and reactivity, abandoned text messaging service will overcome shopping cart abandonment at a higher conversion pace. Instead of leaving your business to email performance unpredictability, embrace technology and use it to its fullest advantage.

SMS Retargeting is prompt

Time is crucial after shopping cart abandonment, and using an SMS retargeting solution enables for improved reactivity with the ability to interact immediately. Online shoppers are flexible because with a simple click, they have direct exposure to everything: a decent bargain and more choices at their fingertips.

You reach them when they are still in purchasing mode by being able to contact your customers soon after they have left. It also provides the advantage of suits the lifestyle of today, where versatility is important. A whole generation of “natural people” is emerging; shoppers who are no longer using emails and using their mobile phone for about anything.