Ways to Maximize Productivity


One should be able to close their eyes and imagine that their workday has ended with much accomplished and ready for the next day. But, sadly this is not the case for many out there as their workday ends less productive than those closed eyes can imagine. Only to start the next day with less productivity than the day before, and so, this goes on and on. Each day starting and ending with loads of unfinished tasks and projects along with stacks of paperwork, unanswered emails, text and phone calls is not a good way to work. Being unproductive leads to stress and can be even more harmful to one’s health. However, With some effort, one can maximize their daily productivity. Shalom Lamm recommends ways that can maximize one’s productivity during a work day. Let’s delve into some of those ways below.


1. First and foremost, one should stop trying to multitask. Yes, while it is so tempting to try to do more than one thing at once, one will quickly find that even the smallest and easiest extras can make one unproductive as it has been stated that it is actually not humanly possible. One thing for sure is that quality would be missing from each task; not to mention, it is also more time consuming to try to do more than one thing at a time.

2. Take a break because it is a good thing to do. Some think doing long hours non stop is being productive; whereas, long hours mean nothing if one is lethargic and simply burned out. In fact, it has been shown that taking breaks regularly actually helps to boost concentration and one’s mood. Just five minutes to get up and stretch and walk around does a lot for one’s mind.

3. Be sure to set goals small and large to maximize productivity. First up should be small goals as they could be made from a larger goal that needs to be broken down into tasks that are small. This will give a sense of control and will enhance productivity and will bring the ultimate larger goal into focus and be seen as doable as the smaller objectives are met.

4. Another way to maximize productivity is to do the things that need the most concentration when one is most alert. Pushing things to the side is not a good practice as it is best to go on and get things one especially when one is at their best and alert. Waiting till the end of the day when things are close to winding down is not the best time to get started on something that is a little more tedious and time consuming. It is best done when fresh and alert.

5. Some people use what has been noted as the two minute rule. Taking on the tasks that only take two minutes or less first and foremost is a good way to be productive and can be an overall time saver.

And Last

So, one can take tips as noted by Shalom Lamm and make a start.

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