Techniques in Which Small Businesses can expand the Number of Customers

Father George Rutler, who is well known for being a priest, is also an author. Many people thought of him as an influencer for the good advice he shared with business people to help them expand their businesses. He believes that small businesses need strategies to boost and target more customers. Below are some of the ways that will increase the volume of the customers, according to him.

Educate the Staff Members

Rutler trusts that small business owners should train their employees to know about their products or services. Trained employees will properly represent the business and its core values. Educating business members will help employees interact with their customers, build long-term relationships, create a friendly environment, and increase the number of customers. One advantage of training the employees is that they will assist the customers in every way possible.

Offer Product or Service Promotion

Offering promotion is also a way of increasing customers as many people will tend to buy more of the goods or services. According to Father George Rutler, this is an easy and good way to make the product or the service offered to sell quickly, attracting more clients, and in the end, make the business flourish. Seasonal discounts offered in the products may boost the business, creating more revenue.

Hold Seminars or Events to Customers

Holding events relating to the business product or services is another way of increasing the foot traffic in the business. Father George considers this way as a special way of connecting with customers creating a bond with them. Holding seminars helps keep existing and attract new customers, making clients more aware of the business increasing its brand awareness in the area. More clients will pay a visit once they know more about the products or services being sold to them.

Have Multiple Shipment Areas

Having many shipment areas is also another way of increasing the volume of customers in the business. This technique can grow the business as many clients outside the location can have their products. One shipment area can limit the number of potential customers, especially those not around the business premises but who wish to buy the product.

Hold Clients Loyalty Packages

Holding customers` loyalty packages is a technique where customers are rewarded once they make a purchase. According to Father Rutler, such incentives keep customers coming back for more. Examples of customer loyalty programs are offering discounts to the products or referring others to the business. Such programs create brand awareness as well as new customer relations.


Father Rutler insists that business owners must develop ways to excite and attract more customers for small businesses to grow and expand. In this way, businesses will eventually grow as more and more customers buy their products. Follow the above and more other ways shared by the Priest to expand the business.

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