Top Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Jobs

In the current economy, there seems to be a lack of workers. There are more jobs than there are people to fill them. Employers need to retain their employees. According to Alexander Djerassi, employee turnover rates are a big problem. Djerassi looked into this and found some common reasons that people quit their job.

Lack of Relationship with the Boss

If a person cannot get along with their boss they will not stay at their job long. The boss needs to give direction and feedback. If they are not doing this and are not helping productively then an employee will not be happy. if the boss is placing too much stress on them they are not going to stay long. A bad boss is the number one reason why a person quits their job.


If an employee is not being challenged and they do the same thing over and over they will get tired and look for something that will present a challenge. They may feel like they are not using their skills. They do not have the passion or even interest in what they are doing so they look for another job.


When an employee leaves the company they may tell coworkers they are going or that they wish them well. When they do not interact with coworkers there are signs that there is a problem. Coworkers that are hard to get along with are another reason why people leave their jobs. They do not want to deal with drama or a hostile work environment. Employees may not be able to solve these problems alone and sometimes they find other jobs rather than just try to get along.

Lack of Appreciation

Alexander Djerassi wants to stress that employees want to be acknowledged for a job well done. They want to feel valued by their employer. This does not happen at all workplaces. The only feedback they get is negative. They are also told they are replaceable and are lucky to have a job. That does not create a loyal employee. An employee needs to feel like they have a meaningful job and those around them appreciate their work. If this does not happen they will look for a company that does.

Lack of Advancement

As a person moves on with their career they want the chance to hold a higher position. If there are no higher positions in a company or if they are very limited an employee is going to move on. They want their skills and experience used while they are working. They want the chance to do more and earn more. if this does not happen they will not hang around,

These are some of the top reasons why an employee leaves their jobs. They are not happy with the current situation or management and would rather work for another company than deal with it. Employee retention is something that companies need to focus on and they need to create a positive work culture so they can hang on to good employees.

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