Electric cars have been long debated as something that will be more eco-friendly, especially with climate change happening right now. The five main benefits are listed below. Alexander Djerassi is very for electric cars. 

1) Electric cars will improve the air quality by an exponential amount.

It is important to note that more than 3.000 deaths have been caused by the increasingly poor quality of air happening all around the world. It is a sort of a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, the air is still safe to breathe in and out. However, poor air is making more people sick (which is where the deaths come into play). That is why one argues the use of eco-cars compared to traditional cars. The reason is that Electric (eco-friendly) cars do not run on fossil fuels.

2) One will find lower CO2 emissions.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges one has ever faced. Global warming is created by releasing CO2 into the air. There is also the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels include petrol (gas) to run the gas-powered cars (which are the cars one drives now). That is why making the switch to an eco-friendly solution is better for the air and everything else in this world.

3) Using an electric vehicle is going to decrease the demand for something run by fossil fuel.

One can figure that lessening the demand for fossil fuel will lessen the impact of CO2 emissions. That is due to fewer people buying. Gas vehicles are dependent on oil (which is a big money-maker for people). Lessening the demand will create more investments and sales for EV (electric vehicles).

Can one expect the switch to happen overnight? No. However, more consumers are buying EV. More companies are starting to make EV sales a priority. The change is going to come slowly, but surely. That also creates more of a positive investment on the environment which is what one needs to have.

4) More consumers want to see renewable energy support, especially from companies that supposedly support the idea.

It does not good if one is not putting one’s money where one’s mouth is. The one argument that one hears involves green energy. The green energy is only as green as the products being used, and that is a valid point. Perhaps, one will see more green energy products used as more make the switch? The more support renewable energy has, the more people will be willing to come on board with the idea.

5) Electric vehicles do not require as much maintenance, and they last longer.

Less maintenance means there is less possibility for maintenance related accidents. If however you find yourself in one you can call thechicago-injury-lawyer.com. One can take a look at how often one trades in one’s car for a new one. It is more or less 8 years. Electric vehicles will still be reducing the impact of global emissions. The reason is the one is trading in one EV for another. EC’s are built to last, even after one trades it in. That provides a much better outlook for those concerned about climate change and global warming. Alexander Djerassi is a great advocate for sustainable futures

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