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Social Media Marketing Tactics

If the Pandemic of 2020 taught most brands on social media one thing, it taught that social media marketing tactics are vital to any brand as things happen and one must be ready to keep afloat with unexpected events and changing times. The pandemic was unexpected and left many brands scrambling for what to do to ensure that they stayed relevant and noticed while many customers and consumers were at home because of the shut down. Changing times create the pressure to keep up and is considered one of social media’s biggest hurdles as the coming and going of platforms are inevitable and user behavior evolves constantly Therefore, a brand’s approach to social media has to be able to keep up and be adaptable also. Just taking a look back at information and guides on how to dominate on the various social media platforms from only a few years ago seems like reading ancient hieroglyphics today. Hence, for discussion purposes here names of some popular social media marketing tactics that work on consumers like Father George Rutler will be reviewed.

First and foremost is to stay consistent to the voice of one’s brand. Once defined as everyone has to define their social media personality, one must maintain it. This helps to boost trust, reliability and engagement from one’s followers. One can make lots of errors if not consistent with communicating with one’s customers. Getting direct responses to issues or questions from consumers is important and being consistent with the brand’s message is even more vital. This will ease that notion of consumers feeling tricked or swindled. A social media agency in Manchester suggests that one should take note that it is important to diversify and highlight the brand but keep the voice consistent in promoting. Call to action phrases, captions, direct messages, social media Bios, visuals and even text on visuals along with hashtags and as touched on somewhat, replies all should be consistent.

Next, one should build and create an army of advocates for their brand. The need for a brand to shine among the many competitors is crucial. One’s army should consist of employees and customers alike who are already an integral part of one’s network. This army of people can play a pivotal and major role in being a good social media marketing tool and tactic. These advocates can promote one’s brand into the stratosphere as they can reach many potential consumers beyond one’s brand account. Encouraging one’s teammates and followers to regularly promote and provide fresh information and content for the brand is a marketing tool that works like magic.
And last, another social media marketing tactic that one should use to ensure relevancy through good and tough times be it expected or unexpected is to master the art of storytelling and go live. Okay, it does seem to be two but they go hand in hand as one should become a good story teller and go live with it at times to gain views and potential customers even Father George Rutler would agree.

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