Innovative Short-Video App Zynn is Back on the Google Play Store

As countless individuals continue to practice social distancing measures, and remain limited in their interpersonal interactions, socially based apps like Zynn have championed personal self-expression, and the collective community spirit. Since its inaugural launch during the midst of the pandemic, Zynn has captured the attention of countless individuals looking to share meaningful life moments, discover communities of like-minded individuals, invoke the spirit of camaraderie through creative challenges, and express their authentic voices through the creation of high-quality videos. Recently, the app was temporarily removed from the Google Play Store, as developers worked to tighten regulations regarding the ability for users to upload copyrighted material, streamline usability, and launch new features to create an even more exciting array of capabilities.

On July 7th, the newly minted version of Zynn launched on the Google Play Store, and continued to enjoy immediately rising download rates, daily usability, and user loyalty. With over 500,000 downloads, and a strong 4.3 (out of 5) star review rating computed via an average of the nearly 9,000 available reviews, Zynn continues to be a top performing app on the Android platform.

What’s New on Zynn?

With the updated version of the highly-anticipated app, Zynn has implemented various changes to the app. On the backend, the already sleek and effective interface has been upgraded to support a high quality video resolution. With the ability to create professional quality videos swiftly, this upgrade is integral to showcasing user created videos in the most aesthetically beautiful quality. This enhanced user experience speaks to Zynn’s continued commitment to leveraging technology to provide the most innovative, authentic, and effective socially based atmosphere, lending itself to creative expression.

In addition to the enhanced back-end capabilities, Zynn’s updated version harnesses a new functionality for creators to express themselves even further. With the app’s newly created Original Soundtracks functionality, users can create and upload their own tracks to add to videos. These audio tracks can be saved, and shared within the community. Not only does this support Zynn’s quest for self-expression, it allows users the freedom to marry video and audio to create unique snippets.

Though Zynn’s inaugural version allowed users to add fun elements to their videos, including stickers and text effects, the new version also features Magic Effects. The newly launched extensive library of magic effects allows users to change the entire feel of their videos by becoming animals, pop stars, cute creatures, or themed characters with the tap of a finger. This fun feature adds an element of lighthearted play, and serves as the perfect addition to lip syncing videos, physical challenges, and other entertaining videos.

Pivoting to a new rewards system, Zynn has also recently launched the “Zynn Cheers” program, which went live on June 16. Users of the previous rewards system will still have the capability to cash out their previously earned rewards. Under the new easy-to-use system, users can collect Zynn Cheers by interacting with the community, and will be able to redeem these rewards once collected.

Recognizing the importance of user feedback and long-term satisfaction, Zynn continues to welcome comments and feedback regarding newly launched features. Regularly engaging with users via various platforms, Zynn staff continues to proactively assist users to ensure the most successful experience, building a loyal community of creatives. As the app continues to capture the attention of countless users, Zynn staff continues to focus on perfecting functionality, implementing intuitive machine learning, providing diverse content, and remaining at the forefront of innovation.

What is Zynn, Anyway?

As a short-video sharing platform, Zynn provides the opportunity for creative users to express themselves via professional quality short-video clips, and provides users with a diverse array of entertaining, inspiring, and community-building videos. With a sleek easy-to-use interface, Zynn is easy to master for even the most fledgling user, and allows videos to be the main focus of the experience. Easily allowing users to share and like videos, and browse creator profiles, the on-screen functions propel the social nature of the app.

For creators, various in-app feature champion creativity, including video editing tools, stickers and text features, and audio functionality. With the ability to instantly lighten video, enhance features, and generate the best version of a video, Zynn makes it easy to transform average videos into professional quality clips. As Zynn is focused on harnessing the bespoke creativity of every individual, these functions allow users to express their authentic selves easily.

Unlike other short-video platforms, Zynn is committed to showcasing the talents of all users, utilizing a bespoke video recommendation algorithm to enforce equality. This algorithm ensures that uploaded videos have the same chance to be seen by a certain number of viewers, independent of hierarchy-based attributes like follower count, user profile content, and any other type of status. For creators, this innovative attribute provides equal visibility, allowing each creator to be seen and heard. While other apps provide preferential treatment for influencers or paid sponsors, Zynn lends equal viewership opportunities for each creator. For viewers, this algorithm ensures that content will never become stale, offering diverse content based on interest, previous activity, and intuitive learning.

Building a community of highly interactive users, Zynn propels communication and interaction via various challenges, showcasing of #ZynnTalent, and other fun incentives. On Zynn’s various platforms, unique users are highlighted, proudly showcasing the app’s diverse content base, and propelling viewership through inter-platform posting. This methodology further drives Zynn’s approach to community spirit, and commitment to highlighting talented creators. On Zynn, users can find trick shot videos, cooking tutorials, shared life milestone moments, niche comedy, DIY ideas, and other topics. This wide array of content has catapulted the app’s popularity, as users search for an app that supports their unique interests, and champions their bespoke talents. For Zynn’s constantly growing user base, this commitment to equality, diversity, and user engagement sets the app apart from other short-video platforms. Since its inaugural launch, Zynn has continued to focus on this mission, one creator at a time.

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