Entrepreneurs are notorious for having a long list of priorities, especially during the first years of a start-up. At the top of this priority list are brand growth and development. A well-constructed and robust brand will linger in preferred consumers’ brains, which only proves beneficial for operations. Moving towards success immensely relies on wide-range brand knowledge and recognition.

Education, experience, and hard work make Ryan Rock, Ankeny local, a successful business owner. His company, Empire AG, LLC, is a reflection of Rock’s devotion and strong worth ethic to his career field. Here, Mr. Rock reviews seven result-barring tips any business owner can utilize to give their company brand a quick boost.

1. Engage in content marketing

Content marketing is a more modern form of marketing that blows traditional marketing out of the park. Its strategy holds value to small businesses as content marketing costs 62 percent less while generating more leads than older marketing tactics. Construct your expertise and connect closer to audiences by content marketing through a company blog. 

2. Connect with influencers 

Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to add influential people online to your organization’s network. Influencers can be considered a quality brand-building asset by sending more online traction your way and helping to bring awareness of your mission to larger audiences. 

3. Grow your brand with consistency 

Consistency is vital when building your brand. The concept might be simple, but the application is a struggle for many businesses. Sticking to a routine or daily ritual when practicing brand consistency can help keep this healthy habit in the long run. 

4. Avoid going the cheap route 

Entrepreneurs are often forced to seek savvy ways but avoid going cheap at all costs. Brands do not get built with cheap solutions. You want to invest appropriately and give value to your brand, especially since it is often the first impression a consumer sees. 

5. Do not miss the details

Though time is the last thing entrepreneurs feel like they have extra of, it is essential to not rush on the images and writing published online or in print. Consumers will be more observant, and you can count on that. One little mistake can distract the onlooker from receiving the full effects of your initial message.  

6. Be in-tune with your audience

Big companies fail with their consumers when they lose track or no longer collect data revolving around how their service or product solves their customers’ issues and needs. If you can keep up with better suiting your target audience’s needs or problems, you will remain stable. 

7. Build an email list through coupons 

Have an e-commerce store or company website? These are great platforms to take advantage of when lengthening your email list. Create an automatic pop-up to appear on your site that offers an irresistible coupon in exchange for a visitor’s email address. It is a win-win for both parties, and new consumers are more likely to utilize the promotion code to move forward with a purchase. 

About Ryan Rock

Ryan Rock, Ankeny native, acquired strong leadership skills through his leadership experience in school and the military. His company, Empire AG, LLC, employs a highly skilled team that will listen to their clients’ needs and create a custom solution to meet them. This quality-service company is ready to lead any customer through all phases of a new or presently active project.