We’ve all seen that guy at the office who comes to work with ill-fitting, or stained shirts on. This is obviously a bad idea if you are attempting to look even a little bit competent and professional. But, did you know there are some ways to keep your fresh performance dress shirts clean and unrumpled? No one wants to end up looking like they don’t care how they appear when at work, and today we are going to go over some ways not to be that guy. Let’s get into how to keep your fresh performance dress shirts clean and make them last.

Did you ever notice that when even a drop of moisture gets on your dress shirts sleeve it becomes a permanent ugly stain? Many traditional dress shirts we have all worn are made from cheap material that soaks up stains like a sponge. Not only do they stain easily, removing the stains is not at all a simple matter. One way to avoid this common dress shirt problem is to spot treat your shirts between washes. This involves having a special cleaning agent and tool that is used to scrub the stain spot away. This is time-consuming and not exactly cheap to get the tools and cleaning agents to accomplish this task. But, luckily, there is another way.

Performance dress shirts from certain companies actually are made from a material that will wick away moisture, eliminating the need to spot clean and scrub your shirts so that you don’t go around with stains everywhere. Be on the lookout for these performance style shirts that have modern solutions to quite a few shirt problems that have been plaguing office workers for years. Not only do these shirts have material that is not as easily stained as some of the cheaper traditional shirts, these shirts are made to last with fabric that is both breathable and stretchable. We want our shirts to have that stretchiness so that the wear and tear of having them on all day does not damage the material of the shirt, making it look unkempt and frumpy.

This fabric is much better than the fabric used in shirts from years past. One of the best things about this performance fabric is that it will not need to be washed nearly as much as the kinds of shirts we are used to wearing. Not only will you not need to spend as much time washing your shirts, but these newer style shirts will not wrinkle much at all from daily wear. So, you get to not wash your shirts as much, and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles either, what’s not to like? This goes double for anyone who takes their shirts to a dry cleaner once a week as part of their routine. Imagine having all that time spent running around to do with what you please? With performance dress shirts that dream can become a reality.

So, if the thought of wearing a stylish, comfortable stretch fabric performance dress shirt that will be much easier to maintain than anything you have previously experienced sounds good to you, then you should shop online for a shirt to at least tryout, and see if it matches the hype. Just search for performance dress shirts and visit sites that look like they have these modern dress shirts as their specialty. And, look for the moisture-wicking fabric that will be a giveaway that the shirts are made from the stretch material that makes these shirts such a good investment. While maybe a bit pricey than the cheap shirts the office schlub wears, you will actually save money using these shirts, as they will last much longer, and look good for longer as well. There is no doubt, you should try a performance dress shirt out today, you won’t regret it!