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Responsibilities of an Entrepreneur

Jonathan Osler San Francisco talks about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur, who should be concerned with more than just practical thinking and financial achievement; instead, they should also focus on building a company’s culture and pursuing their missions.

According to him, the core responsibilities of an entrepreneur include the following:

1. Offering a self-rewarding enterprise culture to employees:

The most important responsibility of an entrepreneur is to self-reward him or herself with a rewarding culture. “Creating value through conscious capitalism is the sole purpose of any business.” Entrepreneurs who identify with their purpose to create and provide value in their jobs will be more likely to enjoy their work and, therefore, more likely to achieve success.

2. Focusing on the ultimate goals of the company:

Entrepreneurs should reflect on their company’s long-term goals and not focus solely on profit. Osler states that profit isn’t everything, “making money is important, but it’s not everything.” It’s essential to make a difference in the lives of those around them by doing what they love. Earning a profit is just one byproduct of an entrepreneur’s hard work creating the products or services people need or want.

3. Creating an organizational culture that’s conducive to generating new ideas:

A goal for every entrepreneur is to create an organizational culture that will encourage new innovative ideas, which also creates positive energy in the company. The way to do this is through what Osler calls “people-centered service.” Methods such as listening and open dialogue between employees, empowering them, creating environments where they can practice what they preach, giving people time for themselves, and using new modes of communication like a blog or podcast, having positive energy around the workplace.

4. Thinking outside the box:

In Osler’s view, entrepreneurs sell ideas that they have been taught to market their ideas within their companies. The perfect way to learn is to listen to other people. That’s what they do as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship’s goal is not only to create a great new product or service but also to improve their customers’ lives and businesses through the personal values and passions they share with those around them so they can create something that makes a difference in the world.

5. Sharing their passion:

In Osler’s view, entrepreneurs are responsible for sharing their passion with the world. “They don’t have a passion if it’s not shared.” They should focus on sharing what they are passionate about with others through their company’s products or services in a way that people will appreciate.
Jonathan Osler San Francisco touches on the importance of all entrepreneurs in a world where many people struggle to make ends meet. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create value with the values of conscious capitalism. If they work hard and dedicate themselves to being successful, there is a way for them to get rich without relying on others that they don’t fully understand. The secret of entrepreneurs’ success is revealed by doing what they do best; by being intentional and putting in their best efforts.

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