Powerful Business Trends of 2022 

As things get a little more digitized, the business world and the economy have undergone immense changes. Many industries have faced disruption and have had to adapt to survive. Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that the following trends will be on top in 2022.

Artificial intelligence and automation

This technology will be essential to running a business, leading to greater productivity and efficiency. In addition, AI platforms enable companies to reach out to new markets and expand their presence. They will enable business owners to focus on values-oriented sales rather than traditional transaction-based sales.

Self Driving Cars

Self Driven cars (SD cars) will bring huge changes to the transportation sector. They will increase mobility and reduce fatalities due to accidents and traffic jams. This will lead to an increase in productivity and a reduction in demand for vehicles which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, SD cars will lead to more efficient urban planning and city development.

Virtual Reality

VR is one of the most exciting industries to come in years. It can change how people interact with marketing, transportation, and personal lives. In addition, it’s expected to impact education and healthcare in the next few years hugely. Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that doctors could conduct medical procedures inside VR when their presence is required for surgical procedures or other medical cases where a patient needs assistance that can’t be done remotely from another location.

Augmented Reality

This technology will be essential for companies that provide in-person experiences. Many industries already use the technology, making it possible for customers to see a product with their own eyes and try it out before they purchase it. Retailers have already integrated this trend into their business models, allowing customers to virtually try on clothing, test drive cars, and even schedule appointments before they come into the physical location.


Automated Robots will not only change how a business operates but also lead to greater productivity and efficiency within the workforce. The introduction of industrial robots, which have existed for a few decades, has led to gradual changes in production. Furthermore, as self-driving cars become more prevalent on the roads, businesses across different industries will be able to benefit from their use.

Medical Nanobots

Nanobots will provide new ways to treat and cure diseases and illnesses. In addition, it will save on healthcare costs. This new technology can provide a better way of testing drugs by scanning them directly into the body.

Clothing Technology

It is one of the most exciting anticipated technologies. It will enable people to change their outfits quickly and make shopping more enjoyable. In addition, customers will use it to customize their preferences and purchases.

Use of Blockchain Technology

Decentralized finance has quickly gained popularity worldwide because it is a secure, safe way to conduct business across different parts of the world. Some of the biggest companies have already adapted blockchain technology into their systems, which is why we predict that blockchain will be a trend that will continue to evolve in the business sector.

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