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Personal Productivity

At times it isn’t easy to be focused at our job premises. We don’t always choose, and we always have to perform our jobs. Many people find themselves not knowing how to be creative at work. Alexander Djerassi as an entrepreneur has tried to explain some of these measures. Here are some of the tips.

Have a nice sleep

One should ensure that they get adequate sleep at least every day. Failure to have good sleep habits and rest well at night will lead to one feeling exhausted the next day. The people who sleep well at night are highly likely to be more productive than the rest. One should get checked or examine themselves if they lack adequate sleep.

Eating well

Breakfast is regarded as an important meal in a day. It should be healthy to keep you energized throughout the day. Otherwise, not eating will make one feel tiresome, which will limit one’s productivity.

Exercise a lot

Exercising just a few minutes a day is known to be healthy. Frequent exercising keeps in check stress levels by clearing one’s mind. It will keep you energized for the rest of the day also.

Perform each task at a time

Learn to perform one job at a time. Doing several jobs at a time makes one less productive. Ones that concentrate on one task before moving to another are always focused more. Multitasking limits productivity.

Be persistent

Even when tasks become difficult, learn not to give up but keep trying until the job is done. If not, leave it and meditate a little because one can find some motivation later to perform that task. One might also take a break.

Keep the desk tidy

The working desk should always be kept tidy. One should make this a habit since it keeps the mind relaxed, and there is a high possibility of productivity than having a messy desk or job premises. The right furniture will help in keeping a workplace in good condition.

Email check and observe deadlines

One should learn to check emails at different intervals. Always having to check email and replying consumes a lot of productive time. Scheduling to open them at certain times will enhance productivity. Furthermore, impose deadlines on work to learn to limit oneself for better work performance.

Keep calls short

Phones consume much time either by texting or calling. Keep them short and precise to minimize their time and concentrate on work. Switching phones may also help when dealing with other clients.

Do away with noise

At job premises, one might find themselves distracted due to background noise. For enhancing productivity, a quiet environment is needed. Listening to cool music will curb background noise to make one less distracted.

Shun from distractors

If one finds it hard to remain focused and productive, they should find out what distracts them and write them down. Familiarizing with them helps find solutions to them and shun them.
To be productive, one should adhere to these measures outlined by great entrepreneurs like Alexander Djerassi. Staying by them leads to great improvement in productivity.

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