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Ever since the world was struck with the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many people who have struggled financially. This pandemic has definitely caused a lot of chaos and a lot of financial hardships in many families all over the world. Many small businesses have had to go out of business because they were not making sufficient amount of funds in order to keep the business running. With the lockdown, they were many small businesses that had to close down and be on lockdown for quite some time. Small businesses have had to find other streams of income in order to get by. Lawyers like Diego Ruiz Durán, support small businesses. Supporting a small company is very important during these times because this can either determine whether or not the small business will succeed in the upcoming months. By making a simple purchase at any local store, you will be helping the owner have enough money to purchase food rather than helping a rich CEO gain more money. This is a great reason why many people decide to shop locally rather than shopping at bigger brand name stores such as target, Amazon or Walmart.

The benefit of shopping locally and helping out start up companies:

1.) There are many great benefits that come with the shopping locally. One of those great benefit is that it will help out the community. For the most part, when a person a shop at a local store or a starting company, the majority of that money will remain within that community rather than being spent on a different taxes for the state. This is a great way to not only hell about the owner of the store but also help out the community that help support schools, libraries and other essentials around the community.

2.) The majority of local companies attend to help out their community as well. They tend to donate more money to nonprofit organizations such as libraries and other important resources that children need in order to become successful.

3.) Smaller companies tend to employ a lot more people rather than big brown companies. This is because the owner is able to get to know his or her employees a lot better and be able to better help them out as well. The better relationships that are developed during this time, the better that it will be for the community entirely because the community needs people to come together and help each other out. Smaller companies are also more likely to hire people who recently got out of jail and provide them with a great opportunity in order to socialize and integrate back into society. This is something that needs more awareness and something that can definitely help out a lot in the future.

By shopping locally and shopping at smaller companies, people are coming together to help each other out. It is important to stay united during these rough times because the more that everyone help each other out the faster that we will be able to get through this covid-19 pandemic. People like Diego Ruiz Durán believe all people will help support small businesses. 

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