Online Business

Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” How lucky are you to be able to create art every day for a living! As great of a profession as being an artist is, sometimes you can hit a dry spell when it comes to selling artwork.

Don’t worry! There are many career opportunities for those with art degrees. You have a talent that many people want, and you should use it to your advantage by creating a business. 

We’re moving towards a more digital world in all parts of life, and art is no different! There are many ways to use your skills digitally now. We’re going to go over how to use your art degree for an online business

Game Developer 

We’ve come a long way since PacMan and Space Invaders. Games now are more realistic and complex. You can use your creativity to develop a game in the form of an app. 

The knowledge you have about color theory and the ability to create real-life looking figures and scenery all work to your advantage when game designing. It’s said that 75% of those who play games think that graphics play a role in if they will buy and continue playing a game. 

There are many platforms to create your game app, and then publish it live to the App Store or Google Play, just take a look online. Once it’s released, it’s possible to add advertisements or membership programs to get paid even more. This field is up and coming, and if you start perfecting your talent now, it could turn into a lifelong career. 

Graphic Designer 

You can start an online business as a freelance graphic designer. This is a great company to start because you’ll be your own boss and will only have to accept the jobs you want to do. Also, you control your income and rates for certain types of projects. 

Other companies will always need a graphic designer to help with merchandise, advertisements, logo design, or web design. You have a talent that’s unique and is required to make eye-catching designs to boost sales. 

There are several platforms to find work as a freelance graphic designer. Some of the best to look into are Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, and Dribble. 

Sell Your Art

Sometimes moving to make art digitally isn’t something that you want to do. Don’t worry! There are still ways to create an online business without giving up your passion. Create your artwork and then take high-quality photos of them. 

Then you will need to create a website for yourself or use an established online marketplace such as Etsy. You can either present current work that’s for sale or have people commission your work. 

Also, social media is a great tool to display and sell your work, as well. The best social media sites to use for this are Facebook and Instagram. It’s possible to create a page and have millions of people view your work and hopefully buy some! 

The Bottom Line 

There are many options you can take a look at when thinking about starting an online business with an Arts degree. Don’t get discouraged and continue expressing your passion!