Led in its establishment by Dr. Richard Bermudes in the mid 2000s, Mindful Health Solutions provides patients a unique combination of psychiatric care that utilizes academic research, new and advanced treatment approaches, and enhanced patient focus to provide mental health help support.

Pushing the Envelope for Better Mental Care

Located in Newport Beach, Mindful Health Solutions has been at the forefront of providing new care treatments to patients with promising benefits that may not be available for years from far more traditional services taking a mainstream, conservative approach. This means patients can have access to a psychiatric resource focused on providing them the very newest and best academically-research solutions for mental health improvement not hamstrung by bureaucracies and organizational resistance. Some of the latest treatments include combinations of medical pharmaceuticals combined with specific therapies for multiple effects versus just a singular, linear approach to treatment. These approaches are outside the generic, minimum level norm. Instead, Mindful Health Solutions proactively provides a committed service to patient-oriented to care, a patient-first mindset in evaluation, diagnosis, care and feedback monitoring.

A key factor in Mindful Health Solution has been for almost a decade and half a push for innovation. We believe that there is no reason for people to suffer in mental health when its not necessary. Dedicated commitment to health creativity and breakthroughs are a must, especially when it has the power to change many lives for the better.

Redefining the Patient Experience

Much of the guidance of our center comes from the direction of Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007, “After thoughtful deliberation, we are changing our name to Mindful Health Solutions, our original name when we founded the company. Over the past few years, we have developed a practice that we believe redefines the psychiatric outpatient experience. As part of our growth, we felt it was appropriate to rebrand our company. The word mindful encompasses our overall care and patient-first consideration.”

Our Newport Beach office location provides patients the services of four trained and expert psychiatrists supported by a dedicated nurse practitioner. Patients attending treatment and therapy at our 4100 Newport Place Drive, Suite #730 office will find Mindful Health Solutions as a responsive and caring psychiatric service provider with a safe, secure environment for mental health help.

A Holistic Approach to Psychiatry for Patients

Patients who choose Mindful Health Solutions will find a psychiatric team who will work tirelessly to help them patiently, expertly and competently. The team provides service both proactively as well as with compassion. We also provide help to our patients on how to handle daily life while facing mental health challenges. There’s no reason to suffer from a health condition alone. Our team regularly provides guidance to our patients as well, combining care, therapy, pharmaceutical support via esketamine combined with TMS treatment as well. We have found through practice of dozens of cases that TMS has been very effective on cases of clinical depression, giving patients’ brains cellular stimulation via magnetic field application. The approach is definitely non-invasive, approved by the FDA, and advantageous for patients who are not fully responsive to therapy treatments alone.

A Newport Beach Psychiatrist Near Me

Mindful Health Solutions has multiple offices across California, and the opening of our Newport Beach office brings our active and advanced approach to personal psychiatry to the Southern California coastal region, making it now possible for patients to access our forward, innovative services directly versus having to travel extended distances for the same. We expect with our initial team proving the efficacy of our Mindful Health Solutions approach that our Newport Beach team will not only be successful, they will also contribute to our advancement of patient-centric care based on proven case methodology, improvement results, and long-term outcomes.

There is no reason again why a person suffering from mental health challenges needs to do so alone or with just general care. Mindful Health Solutions is dedicated to helping people move actively towards recovery versus just condition management that is frequently the case with half-hearted service and therapy. Instead, our approach produces real results for our patients focusing on helping them restore their lives successfully again. By working with our Newport Beach team, new patients in the area will realize the benefits of our advanced psychiatry combination treatment approach, producing advances in their cases that would not be likely with singular aspects of therapy or treatment common in standard psychiatric offices. Because our dedication is to the patient versus tradition, Mindful Health Solutions produce results. And that’s what matters most to our patients.

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