CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is growing rapidly year after year in popularity and it seems more and more people are turning to CBD for a natural remedy for pain relief and support with battling common mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. But it seems now, CBD oil has made a huge impact on the beauty industry too. CBD oil, along with other cannabis and marijuana plant based products, is now a key ingredient in numerous skin care products across the industry. 

CBD topicals for skin can be found conveniently online as the demand and market continues to expand. The reason for its sudden growth in popularity is simply down to how efficient and effective CBD is at maintaining healthy skin. CBD is a natural product, extracted from cannabis plants. Experts claim after a number of clinicals tests, that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties when applied directly onto the skin. This in short, makes CBD a very effective addition to skin care products looking to treat and prevent skin conditions like acne and skin in excess of natural oil production. It is also said by many health care professionals to have many calming benefits, which in itself will support reactive skin to feel and look much more healthy over extended time periods. 

In addition to CBD being very effective for supporting acne prone skin, research in recent years has confirmed acne to be an inflammatory condition, which CBD, as already mentioned, has anti-inflammatory properties. Although acne can be brought on by a variety of conditions, it is believed that CBD oil can still be used in any case to help clear and prevent the skin from developing acne.  

Despite many experts finding such positive results from numerous testing methods, scientists and industry leading experts claim that further clinical testing is required to confirm conclusive evidence of CBD oil and its long term effectiveness as a skin care product. 

As well as helping fight acne, CBD oil is now being used more commonly in anti-ageing products too. As CBD is an all natural product, it comes at no surprise that CBD has many antioxidants. It works at reducing signs of aging through its anti-inflammatory properties, which diminishes visible wrinkles, especially around the eyes, cheeks and chin area. It also has a soothing effect on the skin, as well as anti-inflammatory. 

Due to its soothing effect, CBD oil is also used in skin care products for those who suffer with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can be very frustrating to deal with in day to day life, as those who suffer from it may find themselves having allergic reactions to many things they encounter throughout the day. Sensitive skin can be linked directly to eczema and other irritable skin conditions. It’s soothing properties are an essential component to helping irritations related to sensitive skin, such as redness and dry, inflamed skin. 

Of course, CBD oil has more benefits and properties than just skin care. CBD oil is now being used to treat a variety of conditions related to chronic pain. It does so with the same anti-inflammatory and soothing effects mentioned to help with skin care. It is consumed orally when dealing with chronic pain. Through oral consumption, it affects the pain receptors, reducing pain transmission to the brain. 

The final, and one of the most common uses for CBD oil is to help reduce symptoms of common mental health disorders such as anxiety, stress and depression. To help combat mental health disorders, CBD oil must again be consumed orally. It has a calming and soothing effect allowing the consumer to feel more relaxed, resulting in reduced levels of stress and anxiety.

CBD oil is becoming a more common household product, and with good reason. For anyone looking to purchase CBD oil for skin care, or other uses mentioned, it can be found easily online and even in many high street stores.