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Alcohol-related injuries usually make people think of cirrhosis of the liver or brain damage, but that’s just a small fraction of the possibilities. Most injuries occur while a person is drunk, either to themselves or those around them. Roughly 10,000 people, if not more, die from alcohol-impaired driving alone. 

These injuries remain the third leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Aside from death, these injuries can cause life altering impacts to the drinker or the victims. Here’s how alcohol can drastically alter a life for the worse cites Strom & Associates

Types of Injuries

Alcohol-related injuries fall into two main categories. They can be intentional, like a drunken fight or act of violence. They can also be unintentional, which includes everything from car accidents to falls and burns. 

The severity of these injuries usually depends on how much alcohol has been consumed. Alcohol can decrease feeling, making it easier to suffer a severe injury. It can also induce rage, which can be especially dangerous when coupled with a lack of feeling. 

Drinking and Driving

For those who live after a drunk driving accident, the impacts can be devastating. Loss of limbs, reconstructive surgery, and traumatic brain injury are some of the most life altering outcomes. The chance of killing another driver or passenger is also greatly increased when driving drunk. 

Aside from jail time and fines from drunk driving, factor in the costs that come with the legal process. Court fees, the price of a car accident attorney, and the compensation you’ll owe either out of pocket or through your insurance company add up quickly. You’re also likely to lose your license. 

Home Injuries

Even when you make it home safe, there’s still a high chance that you could injure yourself. Around 30% of all nonfatal home injuries are caused from drinking. These include things like cutting off a finger, falling, and burns. 

A fall down the stairs could lead to sprain, but more serious injuries include brain and nervous system damage. As for burns, people often don’t notice the severity of their burns while drunk. With lessened reaction times, you’re also likely to leave yourself exposed to flame longer. 

Acts of Violence

Rape, murder, assault, and abuse are all closely linked to excessive drinking. There are over three million alcohol related incidents involving criminal activity in the United States each year, with alcohol leading to more physical violence than any other illicit substance. 

Aside from the damage you could do to others, think of the legal trouble you could find yourself in. No criminal act is without punishment, and many of these crimes carry hefty fines as well as jail sentences. With alcohol involved, most go on your permanent record as well. 

Work Injuries

Believe it or not, 16% of workplace accidents involve alcohol. The more physical the job is in nature, the more likely an injury can occur. Mishandling equipment can lead to paralysis, sever concussions, and loss of limbs. Falls account for a large portion of these injuries as well. 

Normally, workers injured on the job can seek compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney. When alcohol is involved, that’s no longer an option. You would be left paying for any damages and hospital bills on your own.