Lessons Everyone Can Learn From Entrepreneurs

Working as an entrepreneur is not as easy as most people think. It may seem like fun to some but a lot of hard work and dedication goes into this. There are some lessons to be learned. Alexander Djerassi knows the struggles that entrepreneurs face and the work that they need to do. According to Djerassi there are some things that people can learn from entrepreneurs.


This can be true in business and in life. When investing a person should never put all of their money in one stock. They may see something exciting and want to go all in. This is a huge mistake. If things do not turn out well, they can lose everything. Business is unpredictable and even a sure thing can fail. It is best to diversify to stay ahead.

Spend Carefully

Most people feel they need the newest gadgets to stay ahead in business. Others feel that they need to have the best of things from computers to shoes. They may not be able to afford all of the things they are buying. If a person starts to make money they may want to go and spend. This is tempting but it is a mistake. A person needs to watch their temptations and be aware of what they are buying. They should look at it and think if they really need it. If a person is spending too much they will need to sell this new stuff so they can pay the bills.

Become an Expert in a Niche

If a person is trying to do everything and they are trying to know everything they are going to become a master in nothing. They will have some general knowledge and that is it. Instead of focusing on many different areas a person should look for a niche inside of their field of interest. They should then use their time becoming an expert in that niche. They will become the person that others turn to when they need help and advice. Being an expert in a small area can go a long way for a person. If a person is stretched too thin this can be a problem.

Dream Big but Start Small

There is nothing wrong with having a big dream, Alexander Djerassi believes. A person should strive to go further and expand their business. Even the big companies have started off small. A person will need to develop a business plan. With this plan they can have some information for initial startups and ways that they can grow and become a bigger company. This is always room to grow, and it will take some time for the business to take off. Once the business is seen as valuable they will be able to take their place on the market.

These are some lessons that a person can learn from entrepreneurs. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big and becoming successful, but a person needs to learn to take things slow and it will take hard work.

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