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There’s a lot that goes into building any website, but companies need to take extra steps if they want theirs to be a success. From design elements to the user experience and protecting your intellectual property rights, here are five issues to consider when building your site.

1. Don’t Skimp on Professional Help

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that building a website is simple, especially with help from builder sites like Wix and WordPress. While you can build a website on your own or in-house, it’s going to lack a few key points that will set it apart from your competitors. 

To create something with unique design, an incredible user experience, and protection from malicious attacks, you need to hire an experienced website builder. While this type of work is expensive, remember that quality comes at a price in the digital realm. 

Not only will a professional ensure your ideas come across clearly and that your site looks fantastic, they’ll also be able to help you with any issues you run into in the future. This is one place where raising the budget makes sense. 

2. Regulatory Compliances

Did you know that your company needs to have an ADA compliant website? Some individuals with disabilities use assistive technologies to help them surf the web, but those devices run on programs that might not work with every site. 

Having text equivalents for images, posting HTML or RTF documents, and responsive text settings all make your website accessible. If you’re unsure of what all you need to avoid legal issues, speak with an expert on ADA law. 

3. Content Creation

Depending on the size of your company and the roles of your employees, there are a few ways to handle content creation. If you have staff with experience in this aspect of your site, then you can operate in house. If not, you’ll have to outsource your content like most companies do. 

Outsourcing is an excellent way to ensure your messages get across to your audience and helps with your search engine rankings. Just like the website builder, you’ll get what you pay for here as well. Take the time to find a quality content marketer with plenty of experience who offers everything from lead generation to link building and search engine optimization. 

4. Domain Name

While you might have the perfect domain name in mind, you may be disappointed to find out it’s already taken. Thankfully, this is one issue that’s easy to resolve. Do a brainstorming session with your inner circle of upper management and come up with as many names as possible Also, make sure that your final decision allows you to hold a .com domain. 

5. Protecting Your Property

Intellectual property theft happens online every day. Whether a rival company tries to steal elements of your site’s design or someone copies your content for their own site, you need to be protected. The best way to do that is to speak with an intellectual property attorney. They can tell you what your options are if theft does occur and how to better protect your website.