Mentors are like the backbone of any business, guiding and helping a person along their way to strive to achieve their goals. Mentors are like the front liner that protects a person while their journey is being made. A mentor will hold a person accountable, a role that will be there with a person every step of the way. Shalom Lamm has been a mentor and mentee and believed in their use.

Does a person need a mentor? Mentors can support a person when times are tough and support a person when times are good. Mentors offer encouragement, support, and accountability. They are like the red ribbon that signals that something is alive and well inside a person and that someone is watching out for a person!

The importance of having a mentor just having a mentor around can make a huge difference in their growth as a person seeking to achieve their business goals. Mentors are much different from business partners, coaches, or advisers. Mentors offer support and accountability but are not career employees and cannot be fired by a company.

So, what makes a great mentor, and how does a person find one? Several qualities make up a great mentor. First, mentors are those with whom a mentor has developed a close personal relationship. Second, mentors are more likely to take the time to understand and reflect on the critical questions like

If a person cannot think of any of these things themselves and are not yet a professional in their field, the mentor will provide a person with that expertise. They will also help a person clarify and broaden their understanding of the subject to develop their expertise. Finally, they will hold a person accountable and be the voice of reason when unsure how to proceed. It is essential that a person feels like they have a mentor holding their hand and guiding them down the path to success.

Mentors will help their mentees achieve some key goals in their careers. In addition, mentors have a way of motivating and inspiring their mentees to achieve their own goals, and the mentee can even follow in his or her mentor’s footsteps by following their success. First, however, both mentors and mentees must identify their own goals to reach the same ones together.

They will offer their mentees support and encouragement as they strive to achieve their own goals. They offer skill-sets and knowledge to allow a person to build and maintain an effective leadership style, communicate effectively, and respect their peers. A mentor will teach a person how to: set and reach goals, demonstrate an effective leadership style, create a good working environment, offer encouragement and support, encourage and motivate others.

Mentors are essential when a person is striving towards long-term goals in their career trajectory. A great mentor will be someone a person looks up to, inspires a person, and is willing to jump in and give a person honest feedback about their performance. In addition, a mentor will teach a person how to use their interpersonal skills to influence the outcomes of their actions and help a person overcome obstacles that may come up along the way. With their guidance, a person will create a successful career path that eventually leads to their ultimate goal. Of course, that goal is reaching their long-term goals and their satisfaction from their work. Shalom Lamm has mentored many throughout his career.

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