Importance of Diversity in Education

Jonathan Osler has stated that diversity in education is extremely important. Diversity refers to different races, learning styles, gender and economic background in education. There are several reasons that you should have diversity in education.

Students Work Harder

Studies have shown that when classrooms are diverse, students tend to work harder. People are motivated to put in more effort when there are students in the classroom from different backgrounds. It also helps for students to see people who look like them in the classroom.

Stereotypes Are Challenged

Jonathan Osler says that stereotypes are challenged when there is diversity. There are many people who have never been around others from different cultural, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. That is why it is easy for people to have preconceived notions and stereotypes. Getting to know other people helps eliminate those preconceived notions.


Being around different types of people helps others think outside of the box. Students who are open-minded are able to be more creative and open themselves up to new possibilities. They are not only interested in being just like everyone else.

See Different Leaders

The classrooms are not the only thing that need to be diverse. There should also be diversity in faculty and staff members. It is important for students to have leaders to look up to. It is even more beneficial for students who are a part of under-represented communities.

For example, there is a black and Muslim student in the class. They have a teacher that is also black and Muslim. This helps the student see that their race and religion will not stop them from achieving their dreams.

Develop Better Communication Styles

Communication is an important skill to have regardless of the field that you go into. People who are around a group of different peers are able to communicate more effectively. They can also enhance their cognitive skills, problem-solving skills and creative thinking skills.

Prepare Students for the Workplace

One of the main purposes of education is to prepare students for the workforce. If students are in a diverse classroom, then they will be better-prepared for the workforce. Students will learn respect for other people. They will also learn the importance of teamwork. Everyone will have to work with people from different backgrounds when they start their career. The earlier students learn how to do this, the better.

Students Will Be Open to Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad helps people enhance their educational experience. Students will not only have the opportunity to learn a lot, but they will also be able to experience new and exciting things. A trip abroad can change someone’s life for the better.

However, many people are intimidated by the thought of traveling abroad. They are worried about whether they will be able to fit into another culture. If students are used to being around students from different backgrounds, then it will be a lot easier for them to adjust to life abroad. They will also feel more comfortable going to a new place.

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