Being appointed to go on a company trip to a conference is a huge boost in confidence. The ability to go out of town on your employer’s dime is another added benefit. Entertaining clients can be a great time especially if you like them on a personal level. There are going to be those clients that you do not like personally but they can help you hone your personal skills. Getting the most out of an industry event in terms of ROI is all about your approach. The following are tips to get the most out of your next industry event. 

Fill Your Schedule To The Best of your Ability

Conferences have changed immensely over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are so many conferences and events that have gone virtual. Some will revert back to in-person events while others will not. Filling your schedule with meetings is important whether you are meeting with current or potential clients. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a free hour but try to make sure you are meeting with the people that you need to. 

Send Reminder Emails

Conferences are known for being too much fun especially when they are held in cities like Las Vegas. You could have a full agenda but make sure to send reminder emails or texts. You do not want an important meeting to be missed due to a hangover by a potential client. While this might not be the most efficient meeting, it is important to sit down with people when you get the chance. 

After a conference, you need to make sure that you are sending emails to those people that you met. Writing details about a conversation on the back of a business card can provide invaluable information. Wait a day or two after you get home as your contact likely will have quite a few emails to clear when they get home. Mention something from the conversation as people might not remember a name but could remember a face/detail about a discussion. 

Stay Somewhere Centrally Located 

Staying in the right location can be of paramount importance when attending an industry event. Being able to get to a meeting in a matter of minutes provides convenience. If you are staying at a location where the conference is meeting up, this is even better. Understanding the locations in a city is important as you want to make sure you maximize your time in terms of meeting clients. 

Corporate housing can be a great option if you are in a city for an extended period of time. People that train others on software or other products likely will be in a city for a few weeks. Adding some normalcy to your new routine can help you maximize your overall productivity.

Getting the most out of your next industry event can potentially change the trajectory of your career. Industry events can be a place to educate yourself and sign clients that could be life-changing.

By Helper