You have put so much into your business that now you are ready to move to a new premises. You want to ensure you get it right and that you make the right choices. Finding a premises based on price alone is not the way to go, so before you start looking for a new location, think about what you have to have and what you need. A new premises is a considerable decision, so you must do adequate research.

Accessibility and Ease of Access

When it comes to access, you have to put your customers and clients first. For example, think about ease of entry for customers and clients and how that can be improved with autoslide doors and entry systems. If customers and clients cannot get to you with ease, then they will simply go elsewhere. Your site has to be accessible to everyone, and this means looking at locations that have stairs and elevators, as well as ramps. Being accessible and inclusive is important, and as a business owner, you should ensure that your new premises provides easy access to anyone that wants to visit.

On Site Parking and Other Facilities

How many cars can your site accommodate, and if the parking lot is not huge, is there anywhere else customers can park their cars is a question you should be asking. If you are in a busy city or town, then you must think about how customers and clients are getting to you and where they are parking. In addition to parking, you need to look at what other facilities you will be providing, such as restrooms. If customers and clients are at your premises for a considerable length of time, you must have adequate and suitable restroom facilities.

Large Enough Premises That Can Allow Growth and Development

How big is your business now, and how big do you want it to be? Your premises have to accommodate you both now and moving forwards. So, with this in mind, is there room for growth, development, and expansion at your new premises, or are you going to have to look again at moving in the future? Moving premises is costly, so think about if the costs can be justified by moving to a premise that may only be suitable for a few years.

The Financials

Of course, the cost of the premises is important as this will ultimately affect your bottom line, however with that being said it should not be your only consideration. As well as the outlay for rent, think about the overheads such as energy bills, insurance costs, and license fees. The costs all add up, and they add up quickly, so ensure that you allow for the regular expenses and also ensure that you add a small contingency on top.

Your new business premises should reflect your business and ethos to ensure that the two line-up and meet. How premises are perceived and seen by your customers is important so try and see the location through their eyes before you commit, especially if you are looking at a retail site.