While adults may need to be the main teachers of children there are many things that children can teach adults. Cory Harow knows that there are some simple things that a child can teach an adult. In the adult world, many of the basic life lessons can get lost. Harow knows that there are some things that a person can learn from their child. These are some important things that a person can learn if they listen to their child.

React with Compassion

When someone is experiencing hardship a child will act with compassion. It can be anything from a stomach ache to someone in the family being ill. It does not matter what is going on but if someone is hurting the child will express sympathy for the person. They do not want to see others hurt. Adults do not always act this way. They may ignore the person or may be indifferent about what is going on with them. Adults should try being compassionate to each other and they will notice that it will get them a lot further.

Unconditioned Love

No matter how bad a parent is the child will love them unconditionally. Cory Harow believes that even good parents may make mistakes sometimes and their child will learn what it means. This will allow a parent to understand what love is all about. No matter how mad they get at someone they will still love them.


People are going to make mistakes and they will mess up at times. Children are able to forgive them and move on as things have never happened. Children do not hold grudges but for some reason, adults will. Children will move on and they will allow an adult or a friend to go on a clean slate. Adults should try this once in a while. Instead of being angry adults should try the forgiveness thing and move on with their life.

Words Can Hurt

If someone is being mean or nasty words can hurt a lot. Children remember all the bad things they may have heard or some bad comments that were said to them. Adults do not think about the impact that their words can have on others. They need to stop and think before they are hard on someone. Words can make a big difference so choose them carefully.

Tell the Truth

Children are honest in their reactions and if they are bothered by something they will say it. If they are pleased with something they will say this too. They are genuine with their emotions and this is something that adults have forgotten. Adults may hide their true feelings instead of getting things out in the open. This will lead to a lot of second guessing and adults may not know what the truth is. Children are innocent and they are not harsh and syndical like adults. There are some great lessons adults can learn from children that will make their life more enjoyable.

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