How to Write a Better Cover Letter

A cover letter, by definition, is the first message a person sends with an application for a job and often provides the information of the position applied for. It also highlights the qualifications possessed and the reasons you are interested in working with the company. Jonathan Osler emphasizes the importance of a cover letter in any job application as it is viewed as the first impression an individual makes to the hiring entity. The cover letter showcases the writing skills that candidates in question possess and the relevant information regarding the job applied. It is also used to build a relationship with the employer. A good relationship is significant to getting the desired job. The cover letter can be used to display one’s personality. It shows the important professional achievements, what a person will bring to the employer, and where to fit in. Finally, the cover letter expounds on the relationship with the person who referred them to apply for the job opportunity. Many people leverage their network to aid in getting a job, so it is imperative to explain how this person inspired you to apply for the position to boost your chances of securing the chance.

Osler has highlighted some of the best tips that any person can follow to achieve or write a cover letter that will place him ahead of the rest. Here are some of the things that must be included in the letter according to him. The letter must be tailored according to the specific job opportunity interested in. This increases the directness of the application to avoid confusion when the employer tries to sort out the application as per different jobs that are open. This eases the employer’s work and increases the chances of getting the job.

Proofread the letter and eliminate any typos and other formatting errors as they do not add value to the letter. This increases the clarity of the letter and enables a person to avoid jargon and improve engagement. The third step is formatting the letter to ensure that the white spaces are adequate and presentable to the eye. Formatting increases the neatness and readability of the recipients of the letter.

Similarly, Jonathan Osler highlights things that one should avoid when writing this type of letter. They include the use of a form letter. The other suicidal thing that should be avoided is the misuse or misspelling of the name of the firm or even the names of the person being addressed. Never use salutations that are not official, like ‘Hey’ or even ‘Howdy.’ This will put off the likelihood of one being hired. Others include starting sentences with ‘I’ and writing a letter over one page in length. Using the first person when writing is not allowed in any official letters

In conclusion, proper guidance and mentoring are needed when it comes to applying for jobs. Following the tips highlighted above will increase the probability of getting the job which is the goal of any job-seeking individual.

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