So you’re intending to sell your home but cringe at the cost-level and fees involved? With the right preparation and research, it is possible to sell your home without breaking your wallet. Here are just a few recommendations to keep in mind as you go about planning.

Understand Your Home’s Value

Understanding how home’s are valued and what the economic factors play is crucial to estimating your home’s worth. You can go to housing management companies to help you estimate your assets professionally, but to do this low-budget, scope the competition by going into a local real estate agency and checking out the prices. Of course, only the homes in your area are the ones you should be exploring. What is their price range? What features bump up the price? Does a home in one street with a garage actually cost less than a home in another street with no garage? There are also websites with more tips for finding a more accurate, and affordable estimate.

Economic Factors

If you ever casually pick up the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times, check out the articles that could explain why home prices are fluctuating. It could be that the real estate market is overheating, and expansion is too rapid for the demand. It could be that a global pandemic is putting everything beyond streaming television on hold for a while. It might be that millennial families are growing in the housing scene so the prices are going up.


If you believe that your home isn’t at the value it should be, then price out a few upgrade options. You can make cheap renovations, such as painting the walls, cleaning the carpets, fitting new appliances, or having a home inspection. Show the surveyor or evaluation expert that your home is modern and capable. Call The Water Heater Company in Thousand Oaks to have your unit inspected. They will make any repairs or upgrades they need to and give one of the most vital parts of your home their approval. This can boost your price and attract a wider buyer spectrum.

Hire the Right Experts

Call around for estimates and only hire people who have been in the profession of selling homes for quite some time. A realtor with many years or decades of experience is the only viable choice. They will know how to position and angle your home when it comes to competing with other similar properties. They’ll also recommend some cheaper alternatives for you to raise the price of your home, such as repaving the driveway instead of extending. The right people may cost you a little more but the profit they stand to make you far outweighs this initial cost.

The main thing about your home is, it should be modern and the infrastructure working perfectly. Maintain your water heater and appliances, revamp your interior, study your closest competitors, and budget how much you’re willing to put towards each category.