How To Improve Your Furniture Marketing Strategy

Every industry faces unique challenges in marketing, and furniture stores are no different. Changing consumer trends such as the rise of Generation Z and concerns about spending thanks to high inflation means that it is important to reevaluate one’s marketing strategy and see how you can improve. While there is no one surefire trick, here are a few simple tools to consider improving your marketing.

What is your Audience?

Who does your store sell to? While it would be nice to think that your furniture sells to everyone equally, the reality is that there are some demographics you cater to more than others. Which ones depend on your store, though a furniture store generally caters to an older demographic. But other details matter such as income, gender, hobbies, and worries matter as well.

If you do not know this information, use surveys. Offer surveys both in-store and online and offer discounts or other bonuses for those who take the survey.

The Importance of Email

A lot of marketing guides stress the importance of social media, and how it can serve to expand your brand. But while social media is important, email marketing is significantly more important. Customers are more likely to check their email than social media and pay attention to email compared to social media posts.

Consequently, you should have a well-defined email marketing strategy. Figure out what you want to write about or market. You could write about your best products or deals, or even explain a little about how your store works to make you more personable.

Also figure out how often you want to send emails. Too little, and customers will forget about you. Too much, and customers will find you spammy and unsubscribe. And do not forget to include great images of your furniture, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

3D and Visual

Customers these days want to see furniture online before they go to your store. While you can snap some photos, that will not be enough to show your creative cabinets and fine finishes. A better approach is to rely on 3D visuals.

Virtual, 3D photography can be cheaper than traditional photography where you would need to hire a professional photographer, and it gives customers a better view of your furniture. This improves satisfaction and diminishes the likelihood of returns. You can also use 3D technology which lets customers see how the furniture would look in their rooms.

Staying with the Times

When it comes to marketing, it is important to balance staying with the latest methods and technologies on top of sticking with tried-and-true methods. The former can include modernizing your website so that it is compatible with mobile and relying on 3D technology. The latter can include realizing the importance of email and training your sales representatives to be outgoing and friendly.

There is no one simple solution to make your furniture store marketing perfect. But by focusing on a mixture of old and new, you can create something which will attract the best customers from your chosen demographics.