Anyone can create a video and post it on TikTok. The whole point of the platform is to enable people to do just that for free right from their phones. The challenge is to get people interested in your videos and to demonstrate that interest in the form of likes, views, and perhaps even following your channel. 

It is because we know how much of a challenge it is that we have put together a list of the top 5 strategies to get more likes on TikTok. All of these have been tested by us or learned from successful TikTokers, so we know they are 100% effective.

Find a niche that works for you and stick to it

The internet can be very fickle as it adapts to changing trends every day. One day it may be about having fun and the next it’s all about social justice. However, your TikTok channel should not be inconsistent from one day to the next because you not only confuse your followers but also the algorithms that suggest your videos. 

For instance, imagine you make 10 consecutive videos on fashion and your channel is becoming popular in that genre. TikTok algorithms will start to suggest your videos on the timelines of users interested in fashion and your channel becomes a fashion brand. If you then suddenly switch to tech, you will completely cut off your current fans and start afresh in a new genre. In doing so, you would have erased all the progress you made in the previous 10 videos. 

To increase the number of likes you get, the point is to be stubborn about something you do well and only make slight changes around it. First, this will make the videos easy to make because it will be something you’re good at. And second, you will be creating a brand for your channel. Therefore, if, say, you’re good at fashion, keep creating videos around this genre and remain consistent. 

Every user on TikTok who demonstrates an interest in fashion and design will thus be more likely to view your videos. Furthermore, people are more likely to like something they are interested in. When such a user becomes interested in your video, they will also be glad to find more similar videos on your profile and become regular visitors. With each new like, you will be attracting even more in future and the domino effect will kick off. 

Create high quality videos

TikTok allows you to publish any video from your phone, we don’t recommend doing that. Videos on TikTok are limited to just 15 seconds, which is a challenge and a blessing. On the plus side, it means that you only need to deliver one quick idea in the video. The challenge is to trim every unnecessary bit down to 15 seconds and still remain clear. 

This is why we recommend editing the video on your desktop, preferably using specialized editing software. These tools would help you to edit the video and make it look professional. Of course, this means taking more time to edit, but remember that you’re creating a brand for yourself and it needs to be impactful. 

Also, try as much as possible to include a hook into your videos within the first 3 seconds. A person who watches the first 3 seconds of a video will probably watch until the end, but that means reeling them in quickly. There are different ways to do this, but suspense is usually the most effective method because nobody wants to watch something they already know how it will end. 

Use relevant hashtags

Although your videos may already be popular among your followers, you can reach a larger audience through hashtags. Hashtags basically act as pointers to the algorithms about what your video is about because a bot cannot watch a video. People use social media to follow trends they find interesting, so using the relevant hashtags will present your videos to users interested in your content. 

Besides this basic use of hashtags, they can also be used to ride a wave of particular interest. If you have been on any social media platform recently, hashtags around social justice have been very common. Even though not all videos using these hashtags have anything to do with the movement, they are simply taking advantage of the increased interest. You can find the highest trending hashtags on the app’s discover page to know which hashtags to use. There are also some websites dedicated to listing the top hashtags at any given moment that you can use. 

Post regularly

It might seem counterintuitive to say one needs to take time creating a video while at the same time urging them to post regularly. That is the conundrum everyone on social media faces, which simply means that it is a time-consuming endeavour. The most popular social media personalities make it a full-time job, and you too must dedicate a portion of your day to planning, creating and shooting videos for your TikTok. 

You must also post several videos in a week, at least 3 in the beginning, to be able to make an impact. Every video is a potential like from your viewers, so having more videos automatically means more potential likes. These are important because marketers look at the number of likes to assess the level of engagement with your content among users. 

Try a quick shortcut

They say nothing comes easy, but TokTokFamed certainly makes earning more likes on your TikTok videos so. Several companies claim to offer this service, but most will only lead you to destruction once your account is flagged and blocked. To avoid all that, TikTokFamed uses accounts controlled from unique proxies to appear completely real and undetectable. By also operating using a drip-feed method, the number of likes received will seem legitimate and beyond reproach.

Did we mention that this was free? This service is completely free to everyone for the time being. Nevertheless, do not ignore any of the other lessons in this article as that will help you to keep generating more likes and followers organically.