How to Adopt Better Time Management Skills

Jordan Sudberg believes that time management is important for professionals to be productive. Effective management of time builds efficiency and enables one to meet deadlines. This article explains how professionals can better their time management skills to increase productivity. It will provide various tips on how to adopt effective time management according to pain management specialist Mr. Sudberg.

1. Scheduling the Working Hours

Jordan says competent workers should be intentional about how they spend their daily hours. Setting aside time to review past tasks and assessing the current performance is essential before developing a plan on how to spend the time.

2. Keeping a Planner

A digital or physical planner can be essential for whoever considers overseeing the upcoming events and tasks. Proficient workers can use a small-sized book or a digital planner to do what is supposed to be done. Some people fail to attend important meetings or dates due to a lack of a planner.

3. Keeping a Timer

This is important in ensuring we don’t waste much time on less essential tasks. Sudberg says that setting the timer before the beginning of a task is critical for a professional. He says skillful workers should focus on the work and avoid any distractions until the goal is reached.

4. Developing Short-term and Long-term Objectives

Jordan Sudberg discusses the importance of every task to our goals. He says creating goals is important both to professional careers and personal growth. Jordan believes long-term objectives will enable specialists to save time and help develop mental health. When a professional balances all critical areas in their careers, Jordan believes it would be easier to reach a goal. Jordan recommends focusing on the important tasks which can build our careers and enable us to reach our objectives in the long run.

5. Using Energy Wisely

Experts can adopt better time management skills if they conserve energy. Mr. Sudberg acknowledges that doing unnecessary projects is time-wasting. He says energy conservation is critical because the energy saved will be used to do something productive. Jordan recommends that experts should not dedicate their time to projects which might not be completed. He says people should be aware of their limits to avoid such circumstances.

6. Communication

Communication is critical for professionals. It helps them to express their needs, plans and goals in various ways. Jordan talks about communication; he says it enables professionals to plan for their time while checking their colleagues’ schedules. Communication helps them to avoid sabotaging the projects of their colleagues. It is, therefore, the ideal tool to be used when planning how to spend time.

7. Focusing on One Task at a Time

Although multitasking seems like an effective strategy for completing many tasks, it usually wastes time. Jordan Sudberg says professionals should not engage in multiple tasks but focus on doing single tasks to save more time.


After a competent worker has mastered how to spend their time well, they will notice the difference in productivity. Jordan recommends professionals use some of these techniques in their endeavors to reinforce their success.

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