No one is above the law. Everyone deserves a fair representation no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or how much you earn, according to Alex Djerassi. Helping people who need legal help is at the heart of every legal profession, and the right to access justice is a pillar of our society.

Everyone deserves access to justice. Everyone deserves a fair representation in our courts and the White House. Unfortunately, the Access to Justice Act and the Fair Access to Court Electronic Records (CAFCR) are not evenly distributed across the country. This situation makes it problematic for people to access the legal services they need when they need them most, which hinders effective government. As the coordinator for a national criminal defense clinic, I see the many ways that the act limits access to justice in our country.

Everyone is entitled to an equal right to access justice. Everyone must have access to the right to vote, seek relief from criminal justice, and due legal counsel. If you cannot access the right to justice, neither can many of the people who count on you to represent your interests in the courtroom.

You may not have thought that the lack of accessible information affecting many people impacted your right to vote. The Access to Justice Act empowers every citizen to register and vote, regardless of whether they have any financial difficulties. Unfortunately, many states have implemented “no-fault” laws that prevent certain people from registering or voting because they cannot afford the forms or information the state requires to exercise its right to vote. This incident violates the Constitution’s guarantee of the right to vote.

You may not have thought that the lack of access to information about the many procedures and options available to you to protect your legal rights could impact your ability to seek counsel from a lawyer with experience defending cases like yours. The No One is Above the Law Act also protects you from being falsely accused or falsely imprisoned. Your right to an adequate defense exists irrespective of whether you can afford to hire expensive legal counsel. The right to an effective legal defense exists irrespective of your financial circumstances.

All are entitled to the presumption of innocence until prosecutors prove a defendant is guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. This presumption of innocence gives defendants the right to a fair trial and a defense. Unfortunately, in the case of drug possession, the evidence that is admissible in court does not necessarily need to confront the presence of a controlled substance on the person of the accused. Instead, it may simply be a prepackaged search-and-searches policy that results in the issuance of a citation rather than the issuance of a criminal arrest warrant.

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. In criminal justice, the presumption of innocence is a Constitutional right that safeguards every citizen’s right to be treated equally. According to Alex Djerassi. under the U.S. Constitution, every person has the right to lawyers and a fair trial after a case by a competent judge.

It is the obligation of those the state, their lawyers, and the court system to provide adequate proof beyond a reasonable doubt the person is guilty. This burden rests on the shoulders of the state’s attorney. People are innocent until proven guilty, but that does not mean the process of justice must be capricious or fail to deliver the fairest result to those accused of offenses.

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